Thursday, January 10, 2008

Calling Rob Nicholson. Do you hear me? Come in, Rob

It’s the only tender fruit-canning operation in Canada east of the Rocky mountains. It's down the road from me and it's closing, throwing 149 plant employees out of work.
Why? Because canned fruit from countries like China with lax environmental standards and non-existent labour laws is cheaper. We don't want our kids playing with lead-laced toys or our dogs and cats eating lethal pet food made in China. I don't want to eat their toxic pear halves either. Would you trust products from a country where lax regulation and a weak legal system have allowed unscrupulous manufacturers to blend industrial fluids into alcoholic beverages and to sell fake baby formula?
Bear in mind that this closure is taking place in one of the best growing zones in Canada.
What is the federal government prepared to do? The St. Catharines Standard reports that Rob Nicholson, MP for the area, has been incommunicado on the issue.

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