The Hearts Of (Some) Canadian Women Broken

On this day in 1971 Pierre Trudeau took the plunge. I was a little puzzled by the reaction. I respected Trudeau as a politician but preferred boys my own age, with long hair, torn jeans and a penchant for using the word groovy between bong hits. My reaction: What does she see in that old guy?

The Trudeaumania bubble bursts as the eligible bachelor announces he has secretly married Margaret Sinclair, a woman 30 years younger than him. Twelve people attended the Vancouver ceremony. Sinclair's relatives believed they were gathering for a family portrait, while Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's aides thought the couple was skiing. On the streets of Toronto, women say the marriage is "great" or "groovy," but one says, "I was just hoping he would have called me first."

Clip of reactions here.