Monday, April 18, 2016

Apocalypse (Perfume) Now

London-based visual artists Thomson & Craighead present their first fragrance Apocalypse (2016) in their solo show Party Booby Trap at Carroll / Fletcher. The show presents major new works inspired by sources ranging from nuclear waste to self-help literature and genetics.
"Created in collaboration with perfumer Euan McCall, the fragrance Apocalypse combines the scents of olfactory elements described in The Book of Revelation, including burnt flesh, incense and blood. Presented in a velvet-lined box, it turns a central tenet of the Western imaginary, and a canonical representation of End Times, into a luxury, limited edition item. At once highly desirable and sickening, the piece is the product of a time in which both consumerism and politics feed on fear, mysticism and fallacies of all stripes."
I'll be in London while the show is on so might swing by but it's unlikely I'll purchase a bottle of Apocalypse - and not only because it costs £300 plus VAT.


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