Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I am either attracted or repelled - can't decide.

I suspect Mr. Nag would be less conflicted.

I put the bears/worms/fish into the glass dishes. Then I poured in vodka until it reached the top of the candy. Using that much vodka makes the candy swell and take on a noticeable but not unpleasant “burning” alcohol sensation. If you don’t want the alcohol that strong, use less vodka. (The amount of time you let the bears soak has no impact on how alcoholic they are. They will suck up nearly every drop of vodka you put in, so the trick is to use the right amount for your taste. You can always add more if you taste them after a day or so and think they’re not alcoholic enough.)

Vodka Gummi Bears


bduller said...

Gummi Teeni....I'm serving them on New Years Eve 2010

The Nag said...

If you're aiming to keep me away you'll have to try harder.