Sunday, December 07, 2008

Rick Mercer Explains what Happened

Is this on the radar for non-Canadians? I'm caught in its clutches and trying to escape.


prodigal said...

there is no escape
resistance is futile
just make sure malcolm keeps on the coalition

The Nag said...

Needless to say all this brouhaha is making my life interesting. People who voted Conservative in the last election are against the coalition and those who voted otherwise are mostly for it. No surprises here and no clear way out of the political morass.

Lori said...

I want Rick Mercer to throw his hat in for the Presidency of Canada...oops. I mean Prime Minister.

(Sorry Harper. This isn't the USA. We didn't vote for your sorry ass.)

The Nag said...

He might not be any better at governing (although he couldn't be worse) but at least he'd make us laugh.