Sunday, April 14, 2024

Sunday Links

The forewing tips of the Atlas moth, Attacus atlas, resemble the heads of snakes. (Futility Closet)

The ride to the hospital might be a bit bumpy in this Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Ambulance, 1920

Who Ate Where  Grub Street explores the haunts and the joints of The Big Apple, choosing the moments when individual scenes flourished. 

The La Playa Hotel in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California is known for its bohemian spirit and for being the birthplace of the Apple Macintosh. Design studio Post Company has revived the historic hotel. I’d crash there. (via PfRC)

Just when I think I’ve finally ditched my rat-in-the-toilet phobia I read this.

Cattle get something called hardware disease which is treated with Cow Magnets. I am not kidding. (Via The New Shelton wet/dry)

The Ars guide to time travel in the movies rated by scientific logic and entertainment value. (Things Magazine)

A typical Friday night at KFC - I haven’t been to one in decades but it looks like nothing’s changed.

Zenith, the untold history of David Foster Wallace’s cruise ship.

Smitten Kitchen has come up with a no-knead focaccia-ish dough that (I am told) bakes up beautifully in a regular oven, perfectly every single time. Whenever I ask Mr. Nag what he wants for dinner the answer is invariably “pizza please” so I’ll put this one to the test this week.

“For many years, I had various forms of insomnia, and I still occasionally have trouble falling asleep and/or wake up too early and can’t get back to sleep. This page covers some of the things that have and haven’t helped me with that.” (via Metafilter)

As France is celebrates one of the most momentous exhibitions in art history, Alastair Smart traces the growth of a movement synonymous with the world’s favourite artists. 150 years of Impressionism 1874-2024 

Drunkonyms: Can any English word be turned into a synonym for drunk ? (via Miss Cellania)

I’m afraid of heights and have never been tempted to go on a climbing expedition. This story makes me even less inclined to do so.

SB Mowing, where the joy of lawn care meets the heart of community service! Here’s what he does.

In 1990, Bruce Monrad, a student at St. Paul’s School in Concord, N.H., produced an 11-word “supersentence

Good Dog A very short story by Steve Vermillion.


  1. Anonymous5:11 pm

    That Coastal Job: Antarctic Fire Captain link cost me over an hour. Costal Job has links to so many short articles of jobs like scuba diving into icebergs, Polar Bear guards, and the Polar Bear Patrol in Wales, AK. or Bone Pile in Kaktovik, AK. Great stuff!

    The rat in the toilet is misleading, the old man got infected from a bite trying to remove the rat.
    The video shows the rat swimming to the toilet, stopping to breath in the air trap then swimming through the toilet. 1. The pipe from your toilet is not full of liquid. 2. The pipe in that set up was blocked at the other end so the rat had no choice but to go through looking for a way out.

    When I look at Pizza there must be no green... ever.

    The Wall as a Mirror is far from a typical climbing expedition. It’s madness just getting to that location.

    The SB Mowing guy reads like a noble do-gooder, but the clip of him talking to a guy through the window of his vehicle makes me want to punch this pretentious ass.

    1. If I lived in an area where people were allowed to let their properties go to hell I would be grateful if Mr. SB Mowing showed up.

  2. Bruce, that rat was in the toilet. Doesn’t matter how or why.

  3. Anonymous10:23 am

    So someone else decides how the property you paid for and pay taxes on should look. Your taste and desires for appearance don't count, you must do what you're told.
    Oh dear, you planted a rose bush. Rip that out we don't like rose bushes.
    You must maintain a 1 inch gap between pavement and any vegetation, no blades of grass are allowed to touch the driveway.
    No way, git offa my lawn, whippersnapper.