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World's Smallest Frog (and tiniest vertebrate) It’s a cutie. (image above)

Birth seasonality Some birth months are much more common than others; meaning that birthdays aren’t spread equally over the year. I think it would be awful to be nine months pregnant in the sweltering heat of August. Others obviously don’t feel the same way.

Amsterdam cat keeps city safe.

“It had to be something great. The memory has to last until next year.” Fanesca, a labor-intensive soup, served only once a year

How a Michelin Star is awarded: Michelin Guide Inspectors recount a year of visits to Le Gabriel, France’s new three star restaurant for 2024.

Miranda's Last Gift  When David Frum’s daughter died she left her Cavalier King Charles spaniel behind. We have been blessed with several of these dogs over the years and this story broke my heart.

Why the label on Angostura bitters is larger than the bottle.

Dearest Layla The letter a smitten Eric Clapton wrote to Pattie Boyd when she was married to George Harrison.

"I refuse to believe that giraffes, which are camels with necks two meters long, exist and that unicorns do not exist."A compilation of scientifically proven facts that we find difficult to believe 

The Monster Under the Sink In the middle of the 20th century, the small town of Jasper, Indiana did something that no other city had done before: they made garbage illegal.

My Movie Theater: They did insist on serving glasses of beer and Toblerones rather than corn dogs, but they had popcorn, too…

These swinging pendulums are as close to an unhackable way of creating the random numbers that secure the internet as can be devised.

Imagine 2200: The 2024 climate fiction contest collection. 

Cabbage has apparently become the coolest menu item.  I hated my grandmother’s cabbage which had the taste and texture boiled out of it, leaving only a vile smell behind, but Smitten Kitchen’s cabbage and farro soup gave me a new appreciation of the maligned vegetable.

One way to get a taste of neuroscience: “While mouth pipetting one night in the lab, Suovaniemi ‘almost swallowed a piece of rat’s brain.’” via


  1. I didn't realize that David Frum was Canadian. I thought his despicable support of the Iraq war was part of a national, right-wing belief system which I vehemently opposed. But, losing a daughter like that is hear-breaking no matter where your politics are.

    1. I once despised him but he was an early hater of Trump so he can’t be all bad.

  2. Anonymous6:14 pm

    Lots of kids born 9 months after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. duh
    Scientific facts sounds good but I don’t read Spanish.
    The garbage disposal is a viable way to dispose of garbage IF you have public sewage. For the millions of homes with septic systems it’s a heavy load.
    The movie theater links to my email account???
    cabbage - garbage, coincidence, I think not.

  3. Anonymous8:56 am

    Your "My Movie Theater" link can't be opened...looks like it's to an actual email?


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