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The Crochet Coral Reef Project, sometimes described as the environmental version of the AIDS quilt, thrives on convoluted math and a sea of volunteers called “reefers”. (Project link) (NYT link)

Chad Face, aka “Gen Z lip-sync face,” is a look that young guys have adopted as their new TikTok persona.

50 Fantastic Cat Memes for feline fanatics (h/t FB pal Hal)

Brrr! Baby it’s cold outside. Forget the g & ts,  you need some cocktails that will warm you up. How about a shot of Firewhiskey or a glass of  Klingon BloodwineRecipes here.

Cat meets God

How many countries does your passport allow you to enter without a visa? The World's most powerful passports for 2024 

Gilding the lily? Cowgirl Chanel makes hairpieces for horses.

A Search for Answers in the 30 Bananas a Day Movement “Before the defamation lawsuit, the cups of coconut sugar poured into banana smoothies, the sexual assault allegations, and the dissolution of what was once a dream, there was a man and a woman.” via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese

Reverse Gentrification A poem by Ramon Jimenez.

Atlas Obscura's Wanderlist: 24 Places to Travel to in 2024 I’ve never considered most of these destinations but I have visited two (Newfoundland and St. Malo).


Vanity comes at a price (in this case $339.23CAD). Performance artist Marina Abramović is now selling moisturiser. The listed key ingredients are white bread, vitamin C and white wine. Call me skeptical but I’ll opt to live with my wrinkles a while longer. 

In 1900, a collie on Wood Island in Saco Bay, Maine, gained international fame for ringing the lighthouse’s fog bell to greet passing ships. Read more

Our robot thermostat is playing God - and has decided we can all freeze We just had a similar experience in -11C weather and reacted with the same puzzlement - until our teeth started chattering. Then we called the heating guy who told us our thermostat was not playing god and he replaced some boiler parts ($$$). 

Listen by location Click a spot on the map and hear a podcast related to that location.

During the 1870s and 1880s some two dozen individual architects and firms built strikingly original houses along the New England seaboard. The architects were inspired by the local vernacular, which was a combination of the regional tradition of shingled wood construction and a Yankee practicality that favored porches and central fireplaces. The rise and fall of the Shingle Style ideal (via 3 Quarks Daily)

Koko the smoking poodle

Long hair I was going to get my hair cut but now I’m reconsidering…

10 dishes worth building a trip around How far would you travel for a piece of smoked fish?


  1. Anonymous11:11 pm

    People who have WiFi connected appliances and household systems like lights, water, A/C and heat are cool, cutting edge, and heading for a big crash.
    When the Sun gives us it's next big solar fart and nothing works, plus most people don't know how to work around. They have to call a repair service that all their cool cutting edge peers are calling... so get in line.
    KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid.


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