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A Geisha HouseOSU Special Collections & Archives : Commons @ Flickr Commons

The dark reality hidden behind the kimono Geisha underwent brutal training and torture in the name of beauty. Abuse, baldness and lead poisoning were hazards of the profession.

Dorothy Loves New York and I love Dorothy. At 98 she continues to explore her New York City neighbourhood and still enjoys a good cocktail. Her tipple of choice is a shot of whisky in an ice-filled highball glass which happens to be my favourite as well. (I’m hoping it is the key to her long and well-lived life.) Read the NYT article about her.

She did what? She sold her body for gingerbread

 The Greatest Dictionary Collection in the World From “unabridged” to “slanguage,” Madeline Kripke’s library is a logophile’s heaven (or hell).

I‘m in favour of anything that helps get me going in the morning. (via blort)

Are you looking for something to read? The Long List For The 2024 Tournament of Books is out - 58 works of fiction of which I have read only one (The Guest) although I have The Bee Sting waiting patiently for me to get to it. Most of these books appeal to me but it would probably take me two or three years to read them all. 

Every year since 1947, the city of Oslo has sent a Christmas tree to London. This year’s tree is on its way

Time’s Top 100 Photographs of 2023.

Adrift : Fighting a storm in the Kuril Archipelago in January 1960, Soviet barge T-36 ran out of fuel and was carried out of its lagoon and into the open ocean.

The Story of Valerie When Carola Baer was a lonely expat songwriter living in San Francisco in 1990 she recorded an album that was never released. The single existing copy of that album went missing and she was sure she would never see it again. Flash forward 26 years…

Swastikas on Canadian postage stamps

Did a magician help vanquish the Nazis in World War Two? He allegedly used canvas and plywood to disguise 1,000 tanks as trucks in the north, and created 2,000 fake tanks, plus a fake railway line, fake water pipeline, fake radio conversations and fake sounds of construction in the south. The tanks even had their own pyrotechnics.

 How to fold fitted sheets It looks easy but I’d probably screw it up.

Soothing scenes of snow falling on glass houses at night (AI generated).  via Kraftfuttermischwerk

Popeet allowed you to perform magic in your own kitchen!

Lace Face

The First Human Satellite I can’t believe he actually wanted to do this. 


  1. TODAY is the day I learn how to fold that darn fitted sheet!

  2. Anonymous10:29 pm

    No, no, fitted sheets are easy, off the bed, washer, dryer, on the bed.

    I should think snow would become ice on a glass house

    How do you clean the inside of Popeet, especially the one with a small cap.

    McCandless... “moved just enough faster than the shuttle”... so he was ahead of the ship and if there was trouble the ship would come to him.


    1. I usually do the same with my sheets, except when I have overnight guests. Then I am forced to fold.

      Perhaps they stopped making Popeets because they became mouldy over time?

      Everything about space travel terrifies me and maybe I have trust issues but I’d be very worried about a glitch that would prevent the ship from saving me.


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