Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sunday Links

Photographer Franck Bohbot captures the pastel beauty of Venice (image above) More here

An amazing feat of modern engineering: Moving an 11,000-Ton Telephone Exchange Without Suspending Its Operations

An interesting story about  John Lennon's Patek Philippe Watch via TMN.

“In future applications to any employer, we advise you to refrain from mentioning that you have aways wanted to poop into a vacuum cleaner.” Comedian applies to NASA, gets hilarious rejection letter

Help! I got lost in The History Lounge and couldn’t get out. (Memo Of The Air)

Donald Trump ogles Rudy Giuliani in jazzy mug shot duet Hilarious.

The Hobble Skirt (1908 - 1914) This short lived fashion limited women’s movements but was not as cruel as foot binding.

Liquid Bewitchment In 1751, the engraver and satirist William Hogarth created Gin Lane, his celebrated visual retrospective about the devastating effects of this newfangled spirit on the lives of London’s poor.

Our human ancestors nearly became extinct 900,000 years ago when the global population dwindled to around 1,280 reproducing individuals.

I ditched my microwave a decade ago because I thought it was a waste of counter space. Should I buy a new one? Is it possible to nuke a good boeuf bourguignon? Find the answers here: Cooking a Microwave Feast, 1980s-Style

The Pagoda Boathouse in Michigan is on the market. It was built by the Ford Motor Company for Henry Ford and his wife Clara. The Fords never lived there; they gave the home to Harry Bennett, the head of the Ford company's union-busting department, for his own security.

For the anxious housewife: Solacen lightens the load of worry 

Heidi Swanson’s Frittata Sandwich looks mighty good.

Patrick Grant, best known for being a judge on the BBC's The Great British Sewing Bee, is passionate about Welsh underwear. BBC News

Previously known as the murder capital of the world, Medell√≠n, Colombia, is suffering from mass tourism.  Cities around the world are being ruined by gentrification and short-term rental platforms like Airbnb. 

Horizon 22 is London’s highest viewing gallery and it will be free!

The Brain-Dump Meal Plan, where “no clue what we’re eating tonight” and “on Tuesday we’re having spaghetti” meet.

A Sunday puzzle for you: A delegation of three aliens visits Earth. At least one of them is a Kween. Which aliens can we be sure are Kweens? Read more clues 

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  1. Anonymous6:37 pm

    I’m sad how much debauchery I’ve apparently missed by not drinking Gin.
    I wonder if, “1,280 reproducing individuals”, means adults or adult women?
    New Shelton had a lot of interesting stories