Sunday, September 24, 2023

Sunday Links

Image Dina Litovsky

“Women unwittingly continue the centuries-old tradition that "beauty is pain" when we buy expensive shoes only to classify them according to the number of blocks they can be worn without causing blisters.” When a Fashion Week Image Of A Model’s Feet Goes Viral (image above) Via TMN

River: click on an image and you will see more like it. I clicked on a photo that vaguely resembled Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater and was led down a mid-century modern rabbit hole. Kind of like Pinterest without commentary or links. Just pictures based on what you like. via Webcurios 

A bathtub in the kitchen? Not a problem for New Yorkers. - NYT link

Overcrowded scenic sites can raise blood pressure, as proven this last weekend when two men came to blows after bickering over taking a photo at a tourist spot .

Fellow Worker worked on the Nunavut Land Claim, sometimes called the Nunavut Settlement Area for four years. Their YouTube channel explores Iqaluit, Nunavut, the Inuit homeland in Canada, an area of my own country I know little about.

 Clone-a Lisa I hope you do better at this game than I did. Art forgery is definitely not in the cards for me.

In 1967 eighty freshmen at Harvey Mudd College proposed that, as their engineering project, they undertake the design of a better brassiere. They named their proposal Project Uplift

This Task Chair was developed with input from the most complex “sitters” on the planet.

The Kinora: How people watched moving images at home in the early 20th century.

Duff Beer, Dunder Mifflin Paper, Wonka Candies : The secrets behind designing a great fictional brand for TV and film. Link via Webcurios

500-year-old board game found in ruins of Polish castle Archaeologists excavating the ruins of an early 16th-century Polish castle discovered a carved strategy board game called Mill. via Perfect For Roquefort Cheese

In the 1970s, Lego included this letter to parents in its sets.

What’s inside Big Ben? (Thanks Bruce)

In Glasgow, Scotland, children ride to school together in a bike bus or bike train, a group of young commuters guided by cycling parents and teachers.

A lovely collection of antique book patterns from front or end papers, spanning from 1890-1930. (Flickr via TMN)

Soup season is almost upon us and I can hardly wait to make this one.

Architect TanYamanouchi’s home prioritizes the needs of his two cats. 

Kerimov Architects crafted a 280 sq. meter (3014 sq. ft) one storey residence with two terraces, one sheltered and one open, that offer  views of the Finnish forest landscape. The interior has a spacious living room, a generous dining area, a kitchen, a master bedroom, a home office, multiple bathrooms, and a guest bedroom. It is gorgeous! PLAIN Magazine 

The Journey That Matters: what it was like Ursula K. Le Guin on Her Illegal Abortion in 1950

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  1. Anonymous8:07 pm

    Check out ballet dancers feet for real abuse.
    The stone carvings in the Nunavut village are fantastic, I wonder if they used power tools.
    The Mudd Bras started in 1967 but didn’t tell us the result.
    The task chair has a separate rest for the lower back which is the only thing my chair doesn’t have. My chair was a little over $100 whereas the Anthros is almost $2,000.
    Started to see TukTuks made and watched two videos on making and recapping tires.
    I’d like to see that bike bus in bad weather, maybe a couple inches of snow, 50 mph winds.