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image: Spitalfields Life

A new work by the Hackney Mosaic Project in Regent's Park (photo above). See an earlier post about the group here.

70°F Road Trip (2023): a hypothetical trip through the U.S. with the route tracking where the normal daily high temperature was approximately 70°F

If life tosses climate change at you, grow olives. The Hot and Cold of Growing Olives in Canada (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

Improvised Grills Got an Altoids tin, a flowerpot or a wheelbarrow? You could be grilling.

chez baldwin is a playlist based on author James Baldwin's favourite music. It's a keeper (via Web Curios)

Add this to your "Learn Something New Everyday" files

Time travel with a twist: In 1901, two British women just getting to know each other took a trip to Paris. The day they visited Versailles, things turned strange. They were wandering in the gardens, hoping to find Petit Trianon, a smaller palace that had been the home of Marie Antoinette, when they began to see unusual things: people in antiquated clothing, a man with dark, pitted skin, a breathless servant delivering an urgent message to a woman sketching on the ground. Read more: Public Domain Review

Looking for waterfront property? How about this home in L.A. for just $250K? You could be the hideous troll who eats all who try to cross the bridge.

Invasive species bioplastic provides an alternative to fossil-based plastics while removing invasive species that destroy local ecosystems. 

This Conversion Scraper looks like a bargain at just $4.03US.

Here's a quiz for Sunday morning: Map It! (I thought I'd ace it but I didn't do well at all.)

Earlier this year a man bought a chair on Facebook Marketplace for $50. It just sold at Sotheby's auction for $85,000!

Themed Hotels in London - from a treehouse in Marylebone to a yacht in Royal Victoria Dock to an artist residence in Pimlico.

Migration between Search & Reality An exploration of the gap between the reality of the world's migrants and search interest. (via Web Curios)

Live nest cams of owls, stoats, kestrels and more...

The Paper Ark: "A paper art project honouring the captivating biological diversity of our world."

A good article about architectural preservation. GLB Properties are caretakers of Los Angeles’ architectural history. (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)


  1. The McSweeney's list - I'm laughing so hard, I'm crying.

    1. Bruce, a frequent contributor to this blog, sent it to me. Hilarious.

  2. Anonymous12:23 pm

    Hey, Bridge Trolls gotta eat too ya know. Besides delivery is all the rage these days.

    Looking at the London hotels I was disappointed reading the description of The Exhibitionist Hotel. Not at all what I hoped for.

    Looking at the pictures of the GLB Properties, every one was immediately-comfortable-feeling with no I’ll-get-used-to-it rooms.

    1. I love the vernacular architecture but there is much about LA that I find unappealing.

  3. I've been in those glow worm caves!


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