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Train Stunts

To Scale: TIME


Poor Women Are Dressed In Red & Then Placed In Bed With The Powerful Commanders

The Universe of Microscopic Organisms

Artwork Of The Day

The Carnival of the Ages: An AI-Generated Film

The Art Of David Bowie

AI Generated Dog Video

Artwork Of The Day


Dicing With Death

24 Hour Ration Pack, Supper

Unbelievable Cuteness

Artwork Of The Day

When a Robot Dog Competes with Real Dogs

Million Euro Motorhome

The Bolwoningen Ball Houses

Sunday Links

Lilacs - Music For Sunday Morning

Barbie - Trailer

Kurt Vile and John Prine Perform "How Lucky"

Portraits of Drag Queens In and Out of Costume

How Penguins Stay Cozy At -40°C

Food Photos of Year

Trans-Canada Summer

Dreams of Dalí

Photographer Uses Disguise to Blend In With Puffins

The Dress Diary of Mrs. Anne Sykes

Artwork of the Day

1,000 Day Mushroom Timelapse

Edible Shoes

Kestrels Hunting in Cornwall

My garden is going through a purple phase.

4K Virtual Walking Tour of the Titanic

Kitty Litter Snow Globe

Artwork of the Day

4-million-year-old fossilized penguin revealed

This Is Swansea (A repost from 14 years ago)

A Brief History of the Concept Album

The Mingulay Boat Song

Chess Player Mistakes a Grandmaster for a Beginner

Face Like A Frog

Bob Dylan Talks About His Early Songwriting

Rio de Janeiro From Above

The Food Chain


Sunday Links

Ice Merchants

Music For Sunday Morning

The Future Ahead Will Be Weird AF

The Story of Marina Abramovic and Ulay

Henry Threadgill's Zooid