Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday Links

This might be the prettiest street in Ontario (photo above) My windows look out on the rear of the Court House and the clocktower. I never tire of the view, even after 37 years.

My mother, the troll A tragic tale of mythomania.

Keanumycins are named after actor Keanu Reeves, because of their ability to evade predatory amoeba and slay harmful enemies.

Get Slim Slippers 'I never went over the 2-1/2-hour limit, and I tried to "respect the slippers" in spite of jeers from my office mates.'

Yesterday marked the 112th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire in NYC. 146 people, mostly immigrant women were killed, many of whom jumped to the ground below in their desperate attempt to flee. In October of that year New York passed a law requiring factory owners to install sprinkler systems, established the New York City Fire Prevention Bureau, and expanded the powers of the fire commissioner. Read an eyewitness account of the disaster (disturbing)

While doing  renovation work at his flat in York, England, Luke Budworth discovered rare 400 year old wall paintings that could unlock more information about the development of a famous street. 

I cannot get this eggplant involtini recipe out of my head. I guess I'm going to have to make it.

The very attributes that make small dogs cute and popular are slowly strangling their ability to function as real animals Read more

 The Arctic Balloon Expedition In 1897, S. A. Andrée had the bright idea to just fly to the North Pole using the only available air vehicle of the time, a balloon.

'We’re seeing the system crash before our eyes' A biologist on documenting the Great Salt Lake's collapse

If you've always wanted  a minstrels' gallery this 15th century watermill might be the house for you.

In the 102 years Nancy Gifford has lived in her terraced house in Somerset, the world has witnessed World War Two, the invention of TV and the moon landings. On her 104th birthday she has put it on the market.

Aspics have long been the subject of derision and morbid fascination but this Gastro Obscura article indicates that edible gelatinous blobs are making a comeback. I think this movement should be hashtagged MAGA (Make Aspic Great Again).

The transfusion affair: 'A blood race between England and France, instigated by two kings at a moment when the “scientific community” was being built across political boundaries.'

Calling all film freaks, movie misfits and cinema aficionados:  This YouTube channel has more cult film classics than you can shake a stick at.  (via Web Curios)

A nice collection of vintage photographs of my hometown Views of Montreal - Vues de Montréal 1863-1925 (a repost from 14 years ago)

"Locals" and "Tourists" on iNaturalist is an interactive map that shows where nature lovers are posting either as tourists or as locals.  (via Maps Mania)


  1. Anonymous3:02 pm

    The pictures of your town make Mr NAGs career more important.. The pictures of Montreal buried in ice floes are scary.

  2. Thanks for bringing Cult Cinema to my attention. I can see many hours wasted exploring