Socializing Feral Kittens

Photo: Marilyn Bellamy

I'm posting a how-to video on socializing feral kittens from the Flatbush Cats rescue but first I thought I'd share a personal story: My cat Carmen appeared in my yard almost 5 years ago. She was about 10 weeks old but afraid of people and very feisty. I sat on the porch each morning about 6am with a saucer of kibble which I moved closer to me every day until I was feeding her from my hand.  One day there was a huge thunder clap and she ran into the house through an open door. I closed the door behind her and watched as she wreaked havoc on the house. Eventually I was able to direct her into the sun porch where she lived with lots of toys and food for a couple of weeks while I attempted to socialize her. It was a major task and she still distrusts most people but she has turned into a wonderful pet. My intention was to find a home for her but, when the time came, I found I couldn't part with her. Above is a photo of her during her "Carmen Verandah" days.

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