Sunday Links

 “Hello Everyone” shows a raccoon waving on a Florida beach after being fed shrimp by the photographer, Miroslav Srb.

Take a rainy day walk through a neighborhood in Son Tra District, Da Nang City, Viet Nam. (Don't forget your umbrella)

Gingerbread houses are passé. Charcuterie Chalets are the dernier cri this year.

Tokyo Street Fashion I've always wanted to visit Japan but I don't have the right clothes.

Blueprints of turntables and amps map out the history of music genre by genre. (via Colossal)

If you're looking for something good to read, you'll probably find it here.

Everything you think you know about truffles is a lie. Not just truffle oil, everything.

A clump of dirt, an olive and a bag of Jolly Ranchers sweets are some of the Strangest Last Meals Ever Requested

Buy this Loving Bear Puffy for someone who wants one. By 'someone' I do not mean me. (Via Rusty Blazenhoff)

Landscapes from your favorite paintings that you can actually visit.

But the second you sing uno, dos, tres, catorce? Forget it. You’re the catorce guy.

Is Wine Fake? How come some experts can’t distinguish red and white wines, and others can tell that it’s a 1951 Riesling from the Seine River Valley? If you can detect aged orange peel, why can’t you tell a $3 bottle from a $30 one?

Clothes In Books is a blog about the clothes characters wear in literature with a particular emphasis on crime fiction of all eras, classic literature, 'women's fiction' of the mid 20th C, and children's books.

An Espresso Martini Handbag Now Exists  (Please don't buy me this for Christmas)

Nosewise, Garlik, Havegoodday & More - Dog names from David Scott-Macnab’s academic paper “The Names of All Manner of Hounds: A Unique Inventory in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript

Skinny House The width of this Toronto home maxes out at seven feet, three inches. (via Miss Cellania)

Pieometry, the wonderful tart art of Lauren Ko

Kavanaghs aka The Gravediggers Bar is built into a cemetery wall in Dublin and generations have mourned here in a liquid way.

Bruce, a frequent contributor to this blog, found this beauty for sale in Toronto: 1925 American LaFrance Type 75 #2636621 

Don't believe everything you read on the internet: The great online toaster hoax