Sunday Links

"The Cairo Sketches" AI generated patterns exploring Islamic Cairo architectural Facades through 3d fractals (image above). Thanks Bruce!

A quote for every minute of the day: This literature clock is wonderful.

American grocery store coffees ranked (many of these are also available in Canadian stores) My palate is undiscriminating; I once did a coffee tasting and after the first two I could not taste the subtleties.

I'm Wearing Tunics Now (They go well with my pajama pants)

Love letters written by Bob Dylan to his high school sweetheart sold
for US$670K.

In The Mirror of Maya Deren: A full documentary about the most important and innovative avant-garde filmmaker in the history of American cinema.

Just a German musician and his band of monkeys  Sorry, link not working.

This middle school boy will probably grow into Mr. Nag who delights in baring his limbs to the elements all year round.  Link

Let's buy the village of Salto de Castro in Spain. For €260,000 we can have 44 homes, a bar, a school, barracks and a church inside Spain’s Arribes del Duero Natural Park. Who's in?

If Twitter implodes this is what I will miss

I'd be stupid to stop now Dave Watson, has been collecting copies of UK No 1 hits since the late 1980s; today, he owns all 1,404 UK No 1 singles, reaching back to the birth of the charts in 1952. (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

African painted dogs at the Oregon Zoo notice a visitor's service animal

World's Shortest Love Story?

Real Life Dramas, a series by Mary Frey, appears to be documentary but the photographs are entirely preconceived and set-up. The texts, which are photographically generated, appropriate the language of popular dime store fiction. (via TMN)

Inside the Royal Canadian Navy’s First U-Boat Kill of WW2 (via Strange Company)

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro can't go out because he can't wear pants

It's a tough job and no one should have to do it: How working on prison executions harms people and changes their views 

The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Oscillating Reaction (Thanks Bruce)

Creatures on clotheslines, laundry faces and more: Helga Stentzel's Household Surrealism

Reimagining Emily Dickinson - lovely: I felt a funeral in my brain

The story of the 'Revenge Dress' (£39,098)

Leaving Twitter because Musk sucks? Why You Should Archive and Lock Down Your Data (NYT Link)

The CP Holiday Train is on the move through Canada and the US starting November 22. It may be coming to a city near you.

How to move a country Fiji's radical plan to relocate dozens of villages.


  1. Paul Katzeff has been importing, roasting and selling coffee under the name Thanksgiving Coffee in Fort Bragg, California since 1972. He advertised in my newspaper /Memo/, and he paid for time on my radio show on KMFB off and on over the years, and now he sometimes helps with KNYO. There was a disaster of the roastery building, or what you call it, burning down to the ground once, the sky over Noyo Harbor alive with flames, but they rebuilt and they're still going, doing Fair Trade coffee and environmentally better coffee, and so on. They sell in grocery stores mostly only in the San Francisco Bay Area and north of there, so I'm not surprised the coffee taster guy in the video didn't know to try it. They do mail order and they have a web store. Here's some info:


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