Reserve your trip on Spaceship Neptune

It has a space lounge equipped with panoramic windows, a bar, reclining chairs, a menu with expensive snacks, Wi-Fi, customizable decorative lighting, a telescope, interactive screens, floor lamps, as well as plants for use in cocktails.


  1. Anonymous8:55 pm

    Say half pay in crypto and the crypto goes belly up before the flight. Even if the company doesn't declare bankruptcy can those people still go?

    1. Here's an idea: crypto insurance.

  2. "Even the restroom has huge windows to ensure not a moment of the view will be missed." I used to live in an apartment whose bathroom was nothing but giant recycled-glass windows. With a path from the street to the neighbor's house in back going right past. I suppose I could have covered them up with something, but it was the '80s, I was in my twenties, and there were nice plants out there and a view of the sky. But I've never been able to pee when someone might be looking at me, so I just went somewhere else or held it in until dark and left the light off.


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