Sunday Links

Photography: Architecture de Collection

If you are an Art Nouveau fan looking for a pied-a-terre in Paris this 1898 apartment (image abouve) designed by Art Nouveau giant Hector Guimard might be right up your alley (or should I say allée?)

The Final Curtain looks at derelict and empty cinema buildings across the UK. (Via Things Magazine)

Slow Roads by anslo is a relaxing driving game you can download for free. (via Boing Boing

This unique Invisible House reflects its surroundings. (Washing these windows would be a huge chore.)

Inexpensive simple meals for fall. They all look so good I don't know which one to make first - maybe the ricotta polpette. (The New York Times)

The Azulejos of Portugal These beautiful tileworks feature figurative scenes that are usually tied into their location.

Trick or sweet: The history of Halloween and how it ultimately equaled candy corn overdose.

Dark Tourism: Which do you prefer, a restful beach holiday or a trip to sites that are connected to death or disaster?

'Prebunking' teaches people how to spot disinformation.

James Hancock playing a hydraulophone outside the music building at Stanford University.

Just in time: 149 Vintage Halloween Radio Shows from the Golden Age of Radio

This is a fabulous music site: Death Is Not The End (via Things Magazine)

Will definitely make this fall salad (from Smitten Kitchen, of course)