Sunday Links

Technicolour postcards featuring images of Weeki Wachee Springs performing mermaids (image above) via Memo Of The Air 

“If you see me, then weep.” Hunger stones are making an unwelcome return in drought-ravaged Europe.

Scream Into The Void [Type Your Feelings Here] (via)

How Renew A Cast Iron Skillet Using Easy-Off Oven Cleaner It might be necessary to strip down and take a shower at some point during the process to prevent the lye from dissolving your skin but at the end you'll have a clean pan. (via FB pal Hal)

The Dreadnought Hoax was an elaborate 1910 prank involving the battleship HMS Dreadnought and a fake delegation of Abyssinian royals that included members of the Bloomsbury Group. (courtesy of FB pal Hal)

A Trip to Infinity is a film that explores the nature of boundlessness (via Memo Of The Air

A high resolution photo of Buffalo NY Public Library, Lafayette Square circa 1908. Link

 Hot Road was a perfume by Harley-Davidson. It was not a big seller. Could be that it was not on brand or perhaps it smelled like hot tar and biker sweat.

The Post Building on New Oxford Street is a free roof garden in central London  with stunning city views.

Good luck getting anything built in Sim Nimby, a game that supports new development, affordable housing, more equitable living, etc. (via perfect for roquefort cheese)

I found this uber creepy cooking video tweet at everlasting blort

Can I Tell You a Secret  In this new podcast Guardian journalist Sirin Kale takes us to a small town in the north of England to uncover how one man began a decade of cyberstalking.

Activist-themed concept products by MOTHER GOODS  (bullet-proof lounge wear, a luxury handcuff phone case, a tool manicure for the do-shit bitch, a gay blood collection and more) via Web Curios

A tour of all the pizza styles in the United States 

43 Literary Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Fall (I've been looking forward to the documentary about the life of Patricia Highsmith)

From full-on feasts in “Foundation” to intricate meaty platters in “Hannibal,” food stylist Janice Poon on how she creates otherworldly dishes for sci-fi shows.

Schedule 1 is a series by Chad Unger that documents his side-gig working on a marijuana farm in Northern California.

Marcella Hazan's exquisitely simple tomato sauce recipe is a much used favourite of mine. The thirtieth anniversary edition of her classic cookbook Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking has just been released.

All About Tritium Exit Signs The good news is they are zero power. The bad news is they're radioactive.


  1. Anonymous11:34 am

    The cast iron skillet guy likes to hear himself talk making a 5 minute video 26 minutes.

    Hot Road perfume was doomed because when a guy says “smell this”, smart people walk away.

    Scallop Disco = site maintenance.

    Don’t see any Tritium Exit signs.

    1. Yes, skillet guy is verbose. The Exit Sign link was to BOJs main page. I've redirected to the post . Thanks.

  2. Anonymous11:44 am

    Almost forgot, that creepy cooking video. Two eggs roll up to the pile, one cracks open but the second rolls away.

    1. Did they make a mistake or were they were checking to see if anyone was watching?

  3. Anonymous12:36 am

    I wondered if the second egg came out just to push the first egg up on the pile.

    1. Yes, it was probably a cameo appearance…


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