Sunday Links

A word of advice from Abecedarian

The photos of Saul Leiter set to the music of Miles Davis (a repost from 2009)

Maps ManiaWho Killed Alfred Oliver? is a whodunit mystery which requires you to use a 1929 map of Reading in order to discover the killer of a tobacconist on Cross Street.

The whimsically surreal work of German illustrator Michael Sowa

The Opera Game: A story based on a famous game of chess played between American Paul Morphy and two European noblemen during a performance of Bellini's Norma. (via Webcurios)

Terrify your friends and family with these London-themed Christmas jumpers.

Jules Léotard (today they might call him Jules Tights)

The adventures of Boji, a Turkish travelling dog. (via Memo Of The Air)

Bear is the only dog in Australia specially trained to find koalas by their scent. During the brushfires he saved more than 100 koalas that were taken to safety. Read more

I enjoy The Red Hand Files where Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave answers readers' questions like this one. His answers are always amusing.

Shark Sushi Plate holds soy sauce in its jaws.

Things Magazine posted this incredible postcard collection. I'm inspired to collect my own Nursing Home Postcards to send to my friends if I end up in a long term care facility. 

All 46 Imperial Faberge eggs ranked.

Culinary detectives are working to recreate garum, a sauce made from putrefied fish blood and viscera that delighted ancient Rome. (Just writing about it makes me gag)

I watched Psycho as a kid and I've been wary of taking showers ever since. This shower curtain would do nothing to alleviate my shower phobia.

"At this time of year, I close the curtains in the late afternoon and settle down to contemplate Harold Burdekin’s nocturnal photography of London, as a celebration of darkness and the city, from the comfort of my old armchair." Burdekin's London Nights