Sunday, October 24, 2021

Sunday Links

Image: Ghoul at Heart

Antipasto de los Muertos (image above) is perfect for Halloween. Cheese skulls on a bed of red butter lettuce, surrounded by a garden of salami roses, artichoke buds, onion vines and tomato flowers. How about some I Scream Cones  for dessert!(via Vintage,Thrift and Simple Living)

The Oldest Depictions Of London

Free parking, employee discount, keg in the break room? You got it. We will do anything to get you to work for us except pay you a living wage

Photos of children with their Jack-o lanterns in the 1950s and 60s

Technological Disobedience: An article about artefacts of Cuban ingenuity and resourcefulness. Aluminium dinner trays were hoisted onto poles to repair broken aerials, discarded soft-drink cans became vessels for kerosene lamps and vinyl records were cut and thermoformed as replacement blades for missing fan heads. (via @KufferPit )

Dissecting fugu, a poisonous blowfish, is a matter of life and death and only chefs who have been through special training are licensed to do it but now you can do it too.

Behind the scenes of 'French Dispatch' Production designer Adam Stockhausen and set decorator Rena DeAngelo share how they transformed an entire town in France for the new Wes Anderson movie.

The streets of the Sicilian town of Gangi look like they would be difficult to navigate.

There are so many different hauntings, so many ways to do it. The first days of ghosthood would be tricky. How to choose your haunt style.

Because you like puzzles: "The Frogs and Tumblers"  illusion.

Nothing says old like seeing the fashion trends of your youth coming around again. The Enduring Appeal of Laura Ashley (NYT article)

The Best Panoramic Photos of 2021

No need to worry about how billionaires have fared during the pandemic. In fact they have done well and some have done very, very well indeed. (via Miss Cellania)

8 Novels That Take Place Over The Course Of a Day - I've read three of these and just ordered two others from the list.

In a small village in southern Norway, a church wall is filled with thousands of tiny demons but that's not the oddest thing about Norway's Disturbing Demon Wall

Husbands can come and go, but whatever you do, hang on to your curtain-maker  Best tips of the last 50 years from legendary interior designer Nina Campbell

 Spanish Crochet Class Crafted a Giant Canopy To Beat The Heat 

As part of his series, American Spaces Project, Franck Bohbot visited the world’s oldest McDonald’s restaurant in Downey California and took some nice retro photographs. 

It's gloomy and chilly and the nights are getting longer, Advent Calendar season  must be here! (thanks Bruce!)

How long have you got?  Baking Cookies That Take 1 Minute, 45 Minutes, 72 Hours

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