Sunday Links

Kinrai ryūkō kabuki uwasa Kenbutsu no hara
Internal bodily functions dramatized by popular kabuki actors

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) holds a collection of 400 health-themed woodblock prints from 19th-century Japan, all illustrated in the ukiyo-e manner. (image above)

Weird and wonderful Leon Redbone always had a Polaroid camera onstage and took a photo of the audience at every show. Mr. Nag and I were fans and I wouldn't be surprised to see us in one of the early Toronto photos. (via Everlasting Blort)

This week's house envy is a light-filled home with a view in a picturesque town in Kent, England

João Carlos Martins couldn’t play piano anymore until magic (bionic) gloves. (Thanks Bruce)

A Puff Before Dying: When marionettes mix with marijuana, a joy ride becomes their last ride. (Language warning!) 

Start planning a Halloween vacation for next year: 13 Haunted Hotels  

I adore The Noordwijk Forest Villa. I'd like to buy a treed lot and build it right now!

The story behind Robert the Doll, Key West’s most cursed object.

California Condors reproduce without a male. A first.

The Tarim Basin mummies are immaculately preserved, well-dressed, and buried in boats. read more

“The worst spy cop movie I’ve ever seen” How British police tried to recruit an informant in Black Lives Matter 

Air travel sucks. I am a small and relatively agile person and I find it awkward getting in and out of airplane seats. It is so much more difficult for people who rely on a wheelchair. This seating that allows air travellers to stay in their wheelchairs facilitates a smoother boarding and disembarking experience for passengers with reduced mobility.

These are the tiniest crochet pieces I've ever seen. I can't imagine having this kind of manual dexterity.