Sunday Links

Burqa Behind the Steering Wheel - Fatima Hossaini.

Take a virtual tour of Beauty Amid War an exhibition of the work of Afghan-Tehran born photographer and activist Fatimah Hossaini (photo above)

Villagebot, for all your English village name generation needs. (via Web Curios)

Gallus Glasgow is an interactive version of Thomas Sulman's bird's eye view of 19th Century Glasgow. (via Maps Mania)

Tentacled Chandeliers

These vintage photos of chairlifts made my stomach turn: No Safety Bars Needed (via Memo Of The Air)

For centuries, the Gardiner family ruled over their island as an old world European aristocracy, complete with a manor house, indentured servants, and even their own hanging tree. New York's Forgotten Outpost of European Aristocracy

I'd Be Delighted To! directed by S. W. Childs Jr.: It's date night in 1932 and he's prepared everything for the perfect romantic evening at home. Will she be impressed? (If you liked that one you might also like Seductio Ad Absurdum (1940) directed by his wife, Cynthia Childs.) Both films preserved by the Yale Film Archive

2000-year-old ladies shoe and a modern reproduction.

Right now my garden looks like it's been returned to the wild. Now I have an excuse. The grounds surrounding the Swiss embassy in Washington, D.C. have been rewilded. (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

Does your skillet need some love? Cowboy Kent Rollins tells us how to fix sticky cast iron You're welcome.

How finger counting gives away your nationality (Thanks Bruce!)

'It looked like Armageddon': Asperitas was added to the Cloud Atlas in 2017. It was the first cloud formation to be added since 1951. (via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese)

I’m just a lowly seventeenth-century British sailor, not some fancy-pants seventeenth-century British sawbones, but there’s one thing I know for sure: I would rather walk the plank than suck on a single stinking lime. Wake Up Sailors, Scurvy Is a Hoax

Did the internet really die five years ago or is this just another conspiracy theory?

Podcast: One hour to escape: the race to get out of a Gaza tower before an Israeli airstrike

Glamour and intoxication: Authors, their cocktails and colognes (Thanks Tom)

These intimate garments may look comfortable but they aren't.

By Design: Heaven forbid the kitchen feel like a work space. The work of the home isn’t really work, didn’t you know? It’s a lifestyle! It’s pretty and seamless! (via Things Magazine)

Soup season is here! Isn't this Creamy Soup in Acorn Squash Bowls gorgeous?

‘My first thought was, if they wanted me dead, I would be dead.’

The House of Mirth dress

I felt compelled to post this headline: Man who 'married' his sex doll is 'in love' with ashtray now

A person who’s acted untrustworthy can win back a person’s trust by smiling … but not just any kind of smile will do. (via Memo Of The Air)