Enter Through The Balcony (Trailer)

Enter Through The Balcony is a love letter to the microcosmic worlds of the makeshift balconies of Eastern Europe.


  1. People modifying their space. This reminds me of one of the dorms I lived in in the late 1970s, where it became a fad to bolt two-by-fours to your corner of the tiny two-person room for a platform, put one vertical two-by-four to post up the unsupported corner of the platform, and put the desk and chair underneath. If both of you did it, it added like a third to the size of the room. End of semester, time to move out, reverse the process. Nobody ever got in trouble for it, and as far as I know no bed every tumbled out of the sky... I really like the idea of a promised place to live. Give people good jobs building them, and a non-ridiculous guaranteed annual income for everyone, and solve so much.

  2. I think you've found the solution for homelessness - give people homes! Who'd a thunk it?


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