Sunday, August 01, 2021

Sunday Links

The day will come when the Joybells will ring again, by Anna Katrina Zinkeisen, 1944 10 London Transport posters of the Second World War  (Above via Everlasting Blort)

Why horses used to wear bonnets, caps and peaked straw hats 

North America, you're doing it wrong. Stroads (via FB pal Hal)

What Do They Talk About? was published by the Geographical Magazine in 1951.
It is a pictorial map of the UK that depicts local buildings, landmarks and industries and text labels which highlight popular local topics of conversation.

The Song in Her Heart "If you’re going to suffer, sing about it. This is what Mexican rancheras have taught me. And no one respected this philosophy more than Chavela Vargas." Lovely.

Molyneux's problem is an interesting 1689 thought experiment.

You can now Stay Overnight at the Palace of Versailles (At $2000US per night you might have to be royalty to afford it.)

Find the 12 differences I loved this type of puzzle when I was a child. Still do.

Jack White is best known as a musician but he does a lot of other interesting stuff as well. He has now launched a multimedia website that highlights his art and design work. (I visited Third Man Records a few years ago when I was in Detroit and was mighty impressed.)

There are days when I wish my overgrown garden looked more like this Artful Gravel Garden in Antwerp 

People will think you stole these purses by Rommydebommy from the meat aisle at the supermarket. (via Everlasting Blort)

A taxidermy hoax: The  Hydra and Linnaeus

DIY AI Smart Nose, an artificial nose that can smell virtually anything you teach it to recognize!

Dennis Severs' House recreates his eccentric tours with newly discovered tapes I took a silent tour of this house a few years ago and it remains one of my favourite London activities. I'd really like to tour it again guided by these tapes.

Discover The Furthest City On Earth From Wherever You Live. Search any world city with a population of over 100k. The furthest city from me happens to be Melbourne, Australia where my older son lives. (via Swiss Miss)

The Prisoners Who Fight California Wildfires are working at the most difficult and dangerous job in California right now. They are paid $2 to $5 a day in camp and an additional $1 to $2 an hour when they’re on a fire line. 

 Accessing the nasopharynx This makes me cringe.

The Everyday Projects is a global community of visual storytellers that uses photography to challenge stereotypes that distort our understanding of the world. 


  1. A trick I developed as a child to solve find-the-difference problems:

    Turn the pictures (or your head), if you have to, so the pictures are side-by-side. Cross your eyes so the images overlap and focus on the overlapped result. Differences shimmer.

  2. I can't do that. My mother told me not to cross my eyes because the wind might change and they'd stay like that.

  3. Stroads = poppycock.
    His definitions have no meaning and usage have no bearing here. Next he’ll insist we use kilometers.
    Netherlands = 16,164 sq mi ~ 17,621,100 people ~ 1,090 people/sq mi ~ 8 million vehicles
    USA = 3,797,000 sq mi ~ 332,639,000 people ~ 88 people/sq mi ~ 276 million vehicles
    Pennsylvania = 46,055 sq mi ~ 13,011,844 people ~ 283 people/sq mi ~ 12,007,136 vehicles
    Philly = 142.7 sq mi ~ 1,584,000 people ~ 11,100 people/sq mi ~ 767,498 vehicles

  4. Having driven and cycled in the Netherlands I have great admiration for their transportation routes which I found to be friendly to cyclists, pedestrians and cars. I agree that the solutions he offers would not be workable in the US.