Sunday, July 18, 2021

Sunday Links

Standing Dignitary c. A.D.600-1000 (above) via Everlasting Blort

Photographs of the unusually large heron population living in the Dutch capital: Herons of Amsterdam

The Kimono Gallery (Thanks Bruce!)

How to unshrink shrunken clothes.You're welcome.

Take full room by room virtual tour of the Jane Austen House and Museum located in Chawton, Hampshire. (via My Own Private Book Club)

Waste Less Chair When not in use it can be folded up to look like a log.

Light refraction: Photos Of Pets Behind Various Glasses (Thanks Bruce!)

I can't imagine myself in any of these outfits. Fashion Highlights 2021 Cannes Film Festival 

I love the simple one-storey design of Kyneton House in Australia. It has vaulted ceilings and is filled with light. 

 Pretty Boy: A short story by Steve Vermillion.

Here's another short story that I liked. Bruce, a regular contributor to NOTL, sent it to me: The Richest Babysitter in the World 

Tutu workout - like a regular workout only en pointe.

Yacht for Sale When she was built CONQUEST OF 1966 was one of the finest superyachts ever built. (via Things Magazine

Salad days are here again! Try some of these delicious salad recipes

Interior of The Caravan Club (1934) The club was frequented by members of the LGBTQ+ community when homosexuality was still against the law in England.  (via Things Magazine

Department store John Lewis plans to address the national housing shortage by converting its own shop car parks into rental housing across the UK. Read more


  1. The Caravan Club looks like a firetrap, I shudder to imagine how fast the fabric would flash.

    1. I had the same thought. Maybe it's because Mr. Nag was a firefighter.

  2. Re: the tutu workout. If I even point my toes like that, let alone point them and put weight on them too, I can get such a cramp.

    A good way to wake up with a screaming cramp: eat a whole bag of Safeway potato chips on the drive home from the radio station at six a.m. and go straight to bed.

    One reliable prophylactic method against getting a cramp in your leg or foot: eat a hard-boiled egg.

    Let the experiments begin.

  3. It's a good thing you didn't take the ballet career path. You would have had to give up Safeway potato chips.