Sunday, June 06, 2021

Sunday Links

The Michelangelos Need Cleaning. Send in the grime-eating bacteria.

 One moves, the other not so much. (2 links via Memo Of The Air)

14 Excerpts from Commencement Speeches Without the Word C*vid 

When I finally get to return to London I'll be heading straight for The Cheese Barge.

Tipping points: Various elements of the Earth system are at risk of reaching points of no return and could change the world forever. (Thanks Bruce!)

A collection of the best dumb internet videos They are so silly but they captured the heart of the internets. (Via Perfect For Roquefort Cheese)

This week's house envy is a converted Swedish train station 

403 Bob Ross Paintings What better way to relax than by losing yourself in his happy clouds, mountains and trees. Guaranteed not to raise your blood pressure. (Thanks Bruce!)

Entering The Lung: Neko Case has a new newsletter.  I've subscribed.

Superb fairy wrens have their own passwords and little birds either learn them or die

Gobs, beaver nuggets, twin bings and more The Best Gas Station Snacks Across America  (Via Everlasting Blort)

Animal Crossings There are few things Americans can agree on these days. Wildlife crossings are one of them.

Poison ivy is the devil's greenery and there seems to be a profusion of it this year that is keeping me from walking in the woods. Here's what you need to know about this nasty plant 

Avoid embarrassment with this Urine-Collecting Shoe

The story of  'Caked Alaska' 

Carl Jung's Dream Do you have dreams like this?

A rare photo of Keith and Betty

MacFizzet Hall an homage to Edward Gorey (Thanks Bruce)

perfect for roquefort cheese shared this 1975 muzak selection developed to appeal to grocery shoppers.

Toxel describes this bread hat as "unique and creative". Some might call it hideous.

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