Sunday Links

Paper Crane Bonsai Trees created by Japanese artist Naoki Onogawa

How many artists overshadow their band after going solo?

The world's oldest home is 1.8 million years old.

A roundup of the country's built heritage: List of the oldest buildings in Canada

Which country's Emergency Alert System siren is the most alarming? I guess that would be mine. 

I'd hate to turn him in but I could use the dough.

I second this emotion: I wish that Pee-wee Herman was my neighbor by Goblin Bones! 

This week's house envy is a holiday home in Ljusdal, Sweden. Those murals!

I Mailed an AirTag and Tracked Its Progress; Here's What Happened Thanks Bruce!

Faded grandeur: A selection of ceilings shot in abandoned places.

Meet the quarrelsome, stubborn, greedy, vain and noisy individuals recorded in the 1911 census ...

Looking for something to do for the next ten hours? How about watching this video of a hummingbird pool party

Trompe L'Oeil murals by Peeta.

Create your own Vintage Map

A Brief History of PEZ My son's extensive PEZ collection is gathering dust in my attic. 

Nice legs: The Fashionable Mark Bryan


Every room in The Dive Motel in Nashville has a "Party Switch" that activates a disco ball and music! Via Rusty's Electric Dreams

 List of Lists Via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese

The extraordinary story of Lady Meux, a banjo-playing barmaid who was driven around London in a carriage drawn by zebras.

For Sale: A $1 Million Bottle of Bordeaux Aged in Space 

He was a merchant of death: Like Uber but for cremations

Lights at sea  is an interactive map which shows the location of lighthouses around the world. The map uses different colored flashing markers to show the light characteristics of each lighthouse shown on the map. More here. Thanks Bruce!

A Slideshow of Crafts Made by New York Times Readers  So many good ones. I like Frog and Toad the best.

nightnight Is my blog keeping you up at night? Maybe I should put it to sleep at bedtime.Via Kraftfuttermischwerk

Sorry, but if you own these things you are cheugy 

They came from space: The visitors from deep space baffling scientists Thanks Bruce! 


  1. The Russian pinup one is wonderful. It reminds me of:
    but with working women, so it has that going for it too.

    1. Marco, even the sewer worker exudes a healthy wholesomeness.

  2. Sell the Pez collection and buy wine. ;o)


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