Sunday Links

Usadanu (@usalica)

Beautiful photos of a Japanese shrine in the snow  by Usadanu (@usalica)

This was the funniest thing I saw all week: I was invited for a covid vaccine because the NHS thought I was 6cm tall

Michael Johansson’s monochromatic life-size sculptures look like the  plastic molded parts that come with hobby toys and models. 

Cute: Here Comes The Sun

A game for Sunday morning: Animal Bastards Via MeFi

From World War I to the Rave Scene: Britain's Forgotten Wartime Structures Via Everlasting Blort

This house is so skinny that if you put on 10 pounds you'd have to move.


 The fairy-tale village hidden off a busy Berkeley street: Normandy Village is an anachronistic slice of medieval life.

A nice piece of writing: For the Love of Oranges 

Miss meeting up with friends at a bar for a drink during these socially distanced times? 'I Miss My Bar'  Replicates The Atmosphere Of Your Favourite Watering Hole 

Ken Burns Answers Every Question We Have About His Hair

Instagram Fruit The secret behind Del Monte’s Pink Pineapple. Thanks Bruce!

Paul Simon Tells the Story of How He Wrote "Bridge Over Troubled Water" 

During these  days of unvaried routine I'm looking for new recipes to shake things up a bit. Instagram Picks: home cooks to follow 

Angelic: Cosmic Voices from Bulgaria & Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra 

Pony exhaustion will do it every time! Things Women In Literature Have Died From Via MetaFilter

US Covid-19 deaths, explained in 8 charts and maps: If every American who died has left nine people grieving, as one study suggested, there are now more than 4 million Americans who have lost a loved one to the pandemic.

Islamic 12th-century bathhouse uncovered in Seville tapas bar 

You Are Now Aware of Firematic Racing: A Combination of Drag Racing, the Olympics, and Fire Fighting Thanks Bruce!

10 Scientific Ways to Get a Cat to Like You (I suggest wearing tuna perfume)

Just The Recipe is an app that gives you the ingredients and directions without all the extraneous rambling, popups and email lists. 

The Inglorious History of King's Cross and its Station - a haunt of Thieves and Murderers

How many wives did King Henry VIII have? Where does the word “fuck” come from? Why did people wear bearskin shoes? Wikipedia has all the answers.So on the 20th anniversary, OneZero asked the individuals who made Wikipedia what it is today how it all started. An Oral History of Wikipedia Thanks Bruce!