Sunday Links

Castles Of Japan (image above) A beautiful woodcut collection, created by Hashimoto Oki’ie.

The Abernathy Boys . I guess they didn't have "helicopter parents" in those days.

A lovely and very touching story: Audrey Hepburn's Favourite Song Paul Desmond, the original saxophonist of the Dave Brubeck Quartet, wrote a piece for Hepburn. He never knew she’d heard it. Thanks Bruce!

Robert Ashley's Automatic Writing: The composition is based on a recording of the composer’s involuntary speech, a symptom he attributed to a possible “mild form of Tourette’s. This is very,very creepy - definitely not bedtime listening.

The Toronto mansion from Schitt's Creek Is For Sale

The living could soon reside where the dead once rested on their way to their final resting place, as the  Necropolis railway station in Waterloo could be turned into flats.

An Historical Collection of Found Paper Airplanes Collected between 1961 and 1983, a box of 250 planes was donated to the Smithsonian, just a fraction of the total collection.

Perfect for a 'get away from it all' vacation when we're finally able to travel again: ten hotels featuring luxury cabins nestled in the countryside

Presidential pets: The best dogs, cats, possums, racist parrots, and more who ever lived in the White House. Via MeFi

The King Of Frustrating Videos (trigger warning for those who are easily irritated)

Take a peek inside Charleston Farmhouse, the Bloomsbury Group’s creative hideaway and a place I would very much like to visit. Inigo 

I hope I'm not offending anyone when I say this kitchen is kind of nauseating.

Fixing the "loneliest place in the world". When a storm blew out a window in the  remote Stannard Rock Lighthouse in Lake Superior, a team helicoptered from Coast Guard Air Station Traverse City to make the icy repair. Via FB pal Hal.

The Empathy of John Singer Sargent's Portraits  An excellent article on one of my favourite painters.

"It’s what happens when you have six wonderful boys headed in six different directions at six wildly different speeds. Who knows how it will all play out, but what’s certain is that this is where it all begins." Going Way Too Deep Down the Rabbit Hole With Nicki Minaj’s Recent Bar Mitzvah Appearance Thanks Bruce!

Got time on your hands? Make 100-Hour Lasagna 

If you have an extra £475,000 burning a hole in your pocket you can buy this full set of first edition James Bond novels. 

They were asked to  Draw Ketchup. Most of them did.

 Coloured Vinyl Records is an online archive that collects and shows coloured records from the last few decades. So far they have put together over 2500 copies.