Saturday, February 27, 2021

A Century Ago

"A century ago, Russia was enduring a terrible famine, the Irish Free State was created, U.S. President Warren Harding was inaugurated, the Tulsa Race Massacre took place in Oklahoma, a new machine called a “dishwasher” was introduced, New York’s Madison Square Garden was home to “the world’s largest indoor swimming pool,” and much more." 

The original caption reads: "Washington, D.C. - Louise Johnson and Sgt. Stubbie, the famous war dog, made a striking sight in the parade. Stubbie was the most decorated dog in the AEF, wearing wound and service stripes earned in action. Miss Louise Johnson is daughter of Colonel Johnson, of the General Staff, USA." #
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In May 1921, the Irish Republican Army briefly occupied and then burned the Dublin Custom House, which housed a British government agency, during the Irish War of Independence. #
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The original caption from April 25, 1921 reads: "All the drudgery of dishwashing—this three-times-a day task which comes to the housewife who does her own housework—has been eliminated by the new dishwasher shown in this photograph. It is the invention of a Cincinnati school teacher, who sought to make things a bit more pleasant for his wife. Incidentally, his idea was worth $12 to him, for a manufacturing concern thought so much of the 'dishwasher,' they purchased the rights and will seek to add a little joy to thousands of other housewives. With the aid of only hot water, dishes placed in a wire rack and set into the drum are made clean and spotless in two minutes." #
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