Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Links


The underground reservoir protecting Tokyo from floods (above) looks like an underground cathedral and is an amazing feat of engineering. Official studies have credited the facility with having saved ¥148 billion in disaster clean-up costs so far.

Very cute: Hedgehog Mobile Home Lets You Carry Your Pet Pygmy Wherever You Go 

Britain from the Air: 1945-2009 Unique archive capturing 70 years of change to UK's cities and landscapes.

SHOOTFACTORY provides some quirky and unusual film locations in London. Via Things Magazine.

Presidents Who Skipped Their Successors' Inaugurations  Via Miss Cellania

This week's house envy: A Modern House In A Floating Village In The Netherlands

Feeling crafty? Here's a way to use up leftover wallpaper scraps: How to Wallpaper a Lampshade - Step by step guide

Here's a list of everything Murakami has compared to writing

Revisiting Frank Lloyd Wright's Vision for "Broadacre City" This new democratic city would take advantage of modern technol­ogy and communications to decentralize the old city and create an environment in which the individual would flourish. Via Things Magazine

'Not that good': Montreal restaurant's brutally honest menu pulls in the customers 

The people whose homes are portals to the past  Five people explain why they made their home into the perfect replica of an earlier era.

Here's your chance to become a real hotdogger 

The Pigs of Celebrities In 1899 Strand magazine asked famous Victorians to draw a picture of a pig while blindfolded.

Magical Ice Bubbles Appear on the Surface of Lake Nukabira in Hokkaido

This is Lanie Gardner, a 21 year old singer from Nashville. She's pretty good. Thanks Bruce!

David Lynch's Projection Instructions for Mulholland Drive (2001) 

A Long, Lonesome Look at America Photographer Stephen Hiltner shares a collection of images from across the United States.

I'm not sure if this is lovely or creepy: Beauties Of The Past Brought To Life Via Memo of the Air

'Float houses' are popping up all over New Orleans for Mardi Gras 2021  Via

The Men Who Eat Like Boys I know men like this and I have to admit I get very impatient with them. Mr. Nag has never met a food he won't eat and I like that about him. 

The Magnificent Beauty of Different Owls at Various Stages of Life Via Memo Of The Air

I like this artful Ikea hack kitchen

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  1. I am going down a rabbit hole of links with the Ikea kitches, thanks for the diversion on this gloomy day!