Sunday Links

Qantas Bar Cart

Qantas is selling fully-stocked bar carts from its retired 747 fleet. There will be 1000 carts up for sale, which include champagne, red and white wine and Qantas pyjamas.

Capturing the Loire Valley's Fairy Tale Castles with an Infrared Drop-In Filter

The Saga of Midori Naka: How and why the harvested body parts of atomic bomb victims spent decades abroad before being returned to Hiroshima. Via Miss Cellania

The Mystery of "The Jet-Propelled Couch"  The most interesting psychiatric case in history.

Fly Me Off The Handel by The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain Via Memo Of The Air

Newspaper Navigator enables you to search and explore 1.56 million  historic newspaper photographs. Via Things Magazine

Interviews with people who have unusual jobs: Lily Yeagley, Contact Tracer 

One of my favourite guilty pleasures is to cram a handful of greasy, salty potato chips in my mouth. These chips I'd eat very slowly, one at a time. The World's Most Expensive Potato Chips Will Run You $15 Per Chip

 TIME 100: The Most Influential People of 2020. I think Jacinda Ardern should have been included in the Leaders category. Glad to see Ady Barkan included - he's one of my heroes.

The  history of "jaywalking" A forgotten 1920s campaign led by auto groups and manufacturers redefined who owned the city streets.

Mundane Machines by Max Siedentopf : “It’s only a matter of time until the most mundane machines around us take on a life of their own.” Via Perfect for Roquefort Cheese

Footways is a network of walking routes that utilises low traffic streets for walkers to get around central London.

Do you remember Wishbone, the Jack Russell terrier who daydreamed his way into literary masterpieces? My younger son was a member of the Wishbone fanclub. 
An Oral History of ‘Wishbone’

How to Blur Your House in Google Maps' Street View  Via

The Potato Chip That Destroyed The Bowels Of America: Stools are like timberwolves: certainly an important part of the ecosystem, but you really don't want a loose one appearing when you put out a bowl of chips at a cocktail party.

Good story:  Looty, the Famous Pekingese who travelled from the ransacked halls of Beijing’s Summer Palace to Queen Victoria’s home.

New York City Ballet Four weeks of digital performances will be streamed free of charge.

The Lace Collar: This post was written for young women who haven’t studied history and for those, no longer young, who, in the words of George Santayana, refuse to remember the past and are thus condemned to repeat it.

Female Green Army Men, Finally! Only Took Over 90 Years.

The London Underground model railways Facebook group is a treasure trove for tiny train enthusiasts.  The videos are especially cool. Via Londonist.