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Surreal Images Painted in a Renaissance Style by Tokuhiro Kawai (above)

Why So Many Medieval Manuscripts Depict Butt Trumpets

Explore 'The Last Supper

Where Elvis Tribute Artists Are Made: Tupelo, birthplace of The King, is the global hub for aspiring Jailhouse Rockers.

Fifty: Photos from every state in the Union—a new entry each Sunday through 2020.

Joe Strummer running in 1993 London marathon  Via Everlasting Blort

St. Louis’ Gun-Brandishing Couple and the City’s History of Private Streets

Jason Alexander Williams didn't mess around when it came to killing rodents Via Memo of the Air

Looking for some amazing beverages? Old Fashioned is a cocktail site that frequent contributor Bruce sent me. Bottoms up!

He could have just said "I don't work here" but he decided to have a bit of fun. Via Miss C

How a Long-Lost Perfume Got a Second Life After 150 Years Underwater Sniffing and guesswork were involved.

Two new posts from Art For Housewives, a blog I like very much: Victorine Meurent’s Black Ribbon  and Gerda Taro’s Pyjamas 

A Year Gardening the Grave of a Stranger 

The Woman Who Made Soap A post about an Italian serial killer Via

Oh sweet Cana: The Birdsong That Took Over North America 

A day late: Fourth of July Hairdos

Don’t throw out those fruit peels! Make a Trash Cocktail. 

Advice to live by:If you're wearing an underwired bra don't go out in a rain storm. Lightning-Struck Brassieres

Nepetalactone: The evolutionary origins of the cat attractant in catnip

Technically, it began with a single cup of coffee thrown in a policeman’s face. But as with almost all riots, the one at Compton’s Cafeteria, 1966 centered less on a particular moment than the years of abuses that led to it. Via Guernica

Baldwin Lee - Black Americans in the South  An online exhibition.

A YouTube playlist of 1902-1919 films by Segundo de Chomón.

A Trip Abroad in 1920: In 1920 Fannie Drummond traveled throughout England, Scotland, Belgium, Switzerland, and France with a group of women. She kept a journal of this trip, and her great-great granddaughter created a blog, with Fannie's entries on the same dates only 90 years later. Thanks Bruce!

From the Appletini to the Zombie: Make these Eight Famous Cocktails from bars around the world.

Moving apartments in Paris  Three trailers, three bikes, two round trips.

The Manhattans – Kiss and Say Goodbye Via Memo of the Air

Rug Music: This study reveals the relationship between repetition and symmetry in both the pattern of Persian rugs and the Feldman musical approach in his composition. Thanks Bruce!