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An online museum of plastic lost at sea Via 

Andrea Bocelli: Music For Hope - Live From Duomo di Milano  Today Andrea Bocelli will give a solo performance.  (19:00 in Italy, 13:00 where I live) Click ‘Set Reminder’ on the video to get a notification.

Do No Harm : “The hard choices are not going to be between a thirty-five-year-old and a seventy-year-old,” she said, “they’re going to be when you have to choose between a single thirty-year-old male and a forty-five-year-old male with three children.”

A 30-Minute Introduction to Japanese Jazz from the 1970s: Like Japanese Whisky, It's Underrated, But Very High Quality Japanese jazz dates back to the 1920s, when it drew inspiration from visiting Filipino bands who had picked the music up from their American occupiers.

The link above led me to My Analog Journal, a YouTube channel that explores ultra cool rare grooves from around the world on vinyl.

Coronavirus food safety: Is takeout safe? Should I go to the grocery store? 

Scientists are determining the lifespan of the world’s largest fish with the help of nuclear weapons tests from the 1950s and 60s. Read about it

Fran Lebowitz Is Never Leaving New York : The writer on growing old, life in quarantine, and the sadness of seeing her city shut down.

Care Package is a collection of creative offerings by artists, writers, and scholars curated by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center.

The midcentury home Drake demolished to build his house in Toronto 

Another demolition link: The Vanderbilt Mansion, the largest private house in NY, is torn down (1927) 

'Kubrick By Kubrick' Trailer

Art from home: 10 best virtual museum tours in the The Americas 

Caverns by Plodder: Sincere sulky soft songs and blip blop bing bongs. Via

The Social Distancing Festival is a site for celebrating art from all over the world, showcasing amazing talent, and coming together as a community. Thanks Bruce!

Fishing lures removed from patients in an emergency room, via TYWKIWDBI 

Vincent Van Gogh Painting Art Heist: How the Robbers Will Get Caught

16 Foods That You Can Magically Regrow From Scraps I'm growing green onions and garlic.

The Swan Project 24 Cellists, 12 Countries.

Truly great documentary photography captures turning points: Events that changed the course of history, in photos

Low res avocado 

The Woman Who Lives 200,000 Years in the Past "The prospect of Stone Age self-reliance and a well-stocked sanctuary in the woods seems especially appealing as the COVID-19 pandemic lays bare the vulnerability of our hyperconnected and deeply inequitable world." Thanks Bruce!

The 40 Best Literary Adaptations to Stream Right Now 

Self-service: a short history of supermarkets Before the recent crisis I never stopped to think about how crucial they are to keeping a society running.

Famous Mid-Century Homes Some are classics. Some are weird.


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    1. Thank you so much Cynthia. I am basking in your kind words. Stay safe.


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