Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Props given: the graphic artworks of Annie Atkins

A tailor’s toolkit.

Annie Atkins is a Welsh creator who conjures up visual artifacts for films. She has been a props mistress extraordinaire for the films of Wes Anderson and Steven Spielberg and has recently designed graphics for productions such as Joker, West Side Story, Underground Railroad, and The Angel of Darkness, which will all be getting a release soon.

Various rubber stamps.
Photograph: Flora Fricker/Annie Atkins
Olivetti Valentine (1968 (nicknamed ‘The Portable Red’),
photograph by Bruce Atkins, collection of John Gloyne.
Photograph: Bruce Atkins/Annie Atkins.

London Zoo, signage, for Penny Dreadful, Showtime Networks,
graphic designer: Annie Atkins, sign painter: Laurence O Toole.
Photograph: Flora Fricker/Annie Atkins

More: The Guardian
And she's written a book!

Here's a 2016 video of her work:

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