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Tweet Of The Day

Leonard Cohen reads "The Only Tourist in Havana Turns His Thoughts Homeward" (1965)

What is this a list of?

Near the Egress

Wine Vs. Negative Space

Highest Resolution Images Taken of the Sun’s Surface

New Clue To Decades Old C.I.A. Mystery

Radiohead's "Creep" with lyrics auto-completed by Google

New Unicode Emoji 13.0 for 2020

Ravenmaster is raising first-ever 'tame' ravens for the Tower of London

Swinging Pendulums

American Totem

Today You, Tomorrow Me

The Maeklong Railway Market from above

Bad Day on the Subway

The Women Fighting To Be Vikings

100-Year-Old Shipwreck Reclaimed By Nature

A Date with Destino

Tweet Of The Day

Metropolitan Cats

Girl Sets New World Record For Most Yoga Contortions In A Minute From Standing Position

People Being Nice

Welsh Word Search

The Driver Is Red.

Paintings Of Women Deep In Thought

Eat Like a 1970s Radical

Playing an Electric Fan as a Musical Instrument

Tweet Of The Day

Anyone want to adopt this jerk?

The Language of Stamps

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Music For Sunday Morning

Sunday Links

School of juvenile striped eel catfish working in unison

Where's The Fire?

Tweet Of The Day

Potter Sheltered In His Kiln To Survive the Australian Wildfires

Duke Street, Glasgow

Tweet Of The Day

Le Silence de la rue

Life Through the Eyes of a Sea Turtle

Spectacular Drone Footage of Oahu

Say It Out Loud

The Sound Of Berlin

Kórsafn, music that changes with the weather

Negative Harmony Covers Of Classic Rock Songs

Emma Willard's Maps of Time

Gone Curling: A Winter Tale

Happy National Pie Day!

Behind the Soundtrack Of Uncut Gems

How To Please Elise

Derelict English Village With One Lone Resident (1960)

Ad For Volkswagen "Snow Plow"

Ghosts from the Shells

J.S. Bach - Crab Canon on a Mobius Strip

Bake A Cake That Looks Like A Taco

Amazing Coin Stacking Sculptures

Honky Tonk Women Hungarian Style

Sounds Of The Solar Wind

Huge dust storms hit central New South Wales

Tweet Of The Day

The Community That Was Destroyed To Make Way For Central Park

Abandoned Baltimore townhouse contains a weird swimming pool

Aerial Views Of London

‘By the Time I Get to Arizona’ 30 Years On

Village Of Upside Down Boat Houses

RIP Liang Jun

Zoomorphic Furniture

Spitfire, The Michael Jordan Of Dogs

Ad by coffee brand Douwe Egberts

Precursor of the modern computer: a mechanical boy.


Sunday Links

Music For Sunday Morning

Tweet Of The Day

Wolf Pack

The Cat Man of Aleppo Needs Help

Crash Testing Race Cars

Hey Mr. Tangerine Man

Making peace with having alopecia

Cooking With Paris

Patti Smith Covers Neil Young's 'After the Gold Rush'

Saving Australia's Dinosaur Trees