Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sunday Links

Morning prayers, Gorbals Primary School, Glasgow, 1943 

100 years of Scottish life  Until 16 February 2020 at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery

@aquamike23 has an Instagram account for his aquatic pets, fish and turtles and it's cooler than it sounds. It includes Hope, a beautiful albino turtle whose heart beats outside her shell.

This week's house craving: The Wolff Residence Via

How much would it cost to make the crown placed on the head of Elizabeth Windsor during her 1953 coronation? An awful lot.

You can stay in this Japanese hotel for $1 if you agree to be livestreamed on YouTube

The best road trip itinerary to see all the US National Parks

'The Gospel According to Water' Is Joe Henry's Next Second Chance A good read.

Calculate your dog's age with this improved formula. According to this method my dog's age in human years is 75.4 years old.

A Nile Journey Guided by 19th-Century Women 

Creative Street Murals by Roadsworth Thanks Bruce!

Emoji Storm shows all the emojis rolling on Twitter in real time. Via

Cat colour and pattern charts Via Rusty's Electric Dreams (an excellent inbox zine)

Pop Toppers: Let the aliens from They Live top your Christmas tree 

In 1909, 22-year-old Alice Huyler Ramsey set out to become the first woman to drive across the United States. Find out more at Futility Closet

Adorable Pet Sable Has Its Own Insta Page

 John Beasley Greene's photographs of Egypt in the19th-Century

An Afternoon with Leonard Cohen My career in music had come to an end, half the homes in my neighborhood stood empty from foreclosure, my marriage was unravelling, and a puppy we named Shaky Lennon King reintroduced me to Mr. Cohen through our daily long walks as he sniffed and strutted while I pumped songs into my ears. Via Everlasting Blort

What Causes Foggy Brain?

Her Purchases Are Real, Her Reviews Aren't: A woman stumbled into a side hustle that’s resulted in hundreds of free Amazon products, worth tens of thousands of dollars.

A Festival of Destruction in One of the Oldest Cities in the World 

Anti-Eating Face Mask There are days when I could use one of these.

Looking for something good to read? The 20 Best Novels of the Decade (plus runners up)

London's Characterful Shopfronts Captured Before They Are Swept Away By Gentrification

Vodka Shots with Stalin: On the Dinner That Changed the War 

How the Wiyot Tribe Won Back a Sacred California Island The tribe finally completed a ceremony interrupted by a massacre in 1860. Thanks Bruce!

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