Sunday Links

Eviction Quilt by James Matthews

Eviction Quilts: As he was exploring neighborhoods, James Matthews began to notice piles of clothing and furniture on the curbs in front of some houses. Via MetaFilter

The Cute Response: Humans feel affection for animals with juvenile features

The real Yeehaw Agenda: Inside Mississippi’s black cowboy community

Got the morbs? Read this, it's nanty narking. A Witty Dictionary of Victorian Slang (1909)

Lesley Lewis of The French House presides with a regal hauteur worthy of Catherine Deneuve, a shrewd humour worthy of Marie Lloyd and a generosity of spirit worthy of Mistress Quickly.

The Skydisc of Nebra 

William Zantzinger and the Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll in 1963

The Last Holdouts Where The War Between Skiers And Snowboarders Is Still Being Fought I found this article interesting because, when our kids were little, we used to ski at Mad River Glen and stay at the charming Mad River Barn. I loved those vacations.

A Chair Shares Its Journey from a Royal Palace to the Metropolitan Museum 

Arttwitulate : Match the tweets to the artwork they are commenting on Via Memo Of The Air

Ruth Reichl on M.F.K. Fisher's Lifetime of Joyous Eating: "To Mary Frances food was a metaphor for living."

How to housebreak your dog

Man Builds AI-Powered Pet Door That Prevents His Cat From Bringing Dead Animals Into The House Live prey are worse. If you've read my chipmunk saga on FB I'm sure you'll agree.

Science of summer: How many trees does it take to cool a city?

Sly Fox, Louisiana's only all-woman detective agency

Who Owns London? A map of the properties in each London authority area which are owned by companies incorporated in secrecy jurisdictions.

National Parks Service publishes hi-rez scans of Heinrich Berann's iconic, panoramic paintings of America's parks

Stanford's Eye-Tracking Glasses Automatically Focus On Whatever You're Looking At. I would love to have these.

A hat made from mammoth fur is something you don't see everyday. It could be yours for just $10,000.

Odessa in Decay: Romantic, Tragic I know nothing about this city and I found this excerpt from Black Sea by Caroline Eden fascinating.