Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Tweet Of The Day


Video surfaced on Tuesday of a huge vortex of coal bits being sucked into the sky.


Colour Assimilation Grid Illusion

This optical illusion tricks your brain into seeing a colour image… but if you look closer, you'll notice the photo you're staring at is only black and white. Digital media artist and software developer Øyvind KolΓ₯s created the illusion. He explains it here.

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Chaser, the world's smartest dog, has died

 (John Pilley)

John W. Pilley, a professor emeritus of psychology at Wofford College, trained Chaser the border collie to recognize more than 1,000 words. For three years, Mr Pilley trained her for four to five hours a day. He showed her an object, said its name up to 40 times, then hid it and asked her to find it.

Chaser has passed away at the age of 15. If there is a doggie heaven it is now a smarter place.

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Mick Jagger Goes Rock Climbing

Young Mick Jagger, climbing at the high rocks, Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1959.

The Great Thousand Island Dressing Debate

 It is one of the great big disputes of our times.

The Great Thousand Island Dressing Debate from Great Big Story on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tweet Of The Day

Pouring a Liquid Mirror in 4K Slow Motion

Gav and Dan, aka The Slow Mo Guys mess about with some liquid metal.

Via TwistedSifter

Bleeding Shark Bath Bomb

Looking for a way to celebrate Shark Week? How about this shark-head-shaped bath bomb that bleeds as it dissolves:

Via  Boing Boing

Superb Paper Drawn Animation

The life of a commercial artist isn't easy. 'Irudika 2019 Promo' by Maite Caballero and GenΓ­s Rigol.

IRUDIKA 2019 from Genis Rigol on Vimeo.

Photographs of the Flying and Climbing Cholitas of El Alto, Bolivia

New Zealand-born photographer Todd Antony's recent project, Cholitas, focuses on the Bolivian Cholita climbers and wrestlers of El Alto.

Historically Bolivia’s indigenous Aymara women were systematically marginalised, forced to work as servants for Spanish occupiers and to wear long skirts and bowler hats. Today Cholitas have taken their fight against racism, classism and sexism to the wrestling ring and the mountains wearing traditional layered skirts and colorful shawls.

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Sony’s Wearable AC

The Reon Pocket by Sony is a wearable mini cooling device. As well as cooling you during hot days, the device, which slots into the back pocket of a specially designed T-shirt, can also warm you up during the winter. Most of us would love to have one this summer because it's so damn hot but unfortunately the shipping date is March 2020.


Via The Verge

These Lights!

Designer Matteo Ugolini of Karman of Italy creates unconventional light fixtures for commercial or private residences. I love the whimsical animal lights.


More here: if it's hip, it's here


"Cameras are able to recognise our age, mood, or sex and precisely match us to the database – the concept of disappearing in the crowd ceases to exist." 
Noma Studio has developed a mask that makes the wearer's face undetectable to facial recognition algorithms used in public surveillance cameras.

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Grand Canyon Polaroid Camera

For the 100th anniversary of the Grand Canyon officially being named a state park Retrospekt, Parks Project and the Grand Canyon Conservancy have released a limited edition Polaroid 600 made from refurbished parts.

Available for purchase here.


What Prison Cells Look Like Around The World

According to the Institute for Criminal Policy Research, over 10.35 million individuals are being held in penal institutions throughout the world, either as pre-trial detainees/remand prisoners or having been convicted and sentenced.What is the appropriate use of prison in a democratic society? Is it meant to rehabilitate or to punish? Bored Panda has collected photos of prison cells from all over the world to show how different countries treat their criminals.

Look at #14 in El Salvador. These cells are 12 feet wide and 15 feet tall and are usually packed with more than 30 people. They were initially constructed to serve as 72-hour holding cells, but many inmates stay for more than a year.

Does anyone in their wildest dreams think that a person can be rehabilitated in such a place?

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Monday, July 29, 2019

Tweet Of The Day

Tom and Jerry Cat Concerto

16 year old Yannie Tan plays the Tom and Jerry Cat Concerto  (Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 by Franz Liszt)

Via Facebook friend Mike Erskine-Kellie

So These Four Dudes Took A Road Trip

Did you know that Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Harvey Firestone, and John Burroughs became famous as “the Vagabonds” — a traveling group that took to the (primitive) roads to see the country and make the occasional business deal? I didn't.

Via Miss Cellania

Quentin Tarantino's Visual References to Famous Movies

Have you ever wondered how director Quentin Tarantino came up with the some of the famous  scenes in his films? Wonder no more.


Behold Ponyhenge!

Image: Alexandra Charitan

In Lincoln, Massachusetts dwells a mysterious herd of spring rocking horses that inexplicably multiplies and rearranges itself. It began with one abandoned horse and grew to a herd of nearly 50 horses; today the number is closer to 30.
"For the Kentucky Derby, that the horses were moved into lines, waiting for a starting gunshot that presumably never came. After Labor Day (when school starts in Massachusetts), the horses were arranged in rows as if they were in school. They’re draped in lights at Christmas, and sometimes they’re buried completely by snow during the harsh New England winters."

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Who Is Chiune Sugihara?

Today Google Doodle celebrates a humble Japanese diplomat. Chiune Sugihara was posted at the Japanese consulate in Kaunas, Lithuania in 1939 where he saved thousands of people during the Second World War. He and a Dutch diplomat arranged for Polish and Lithuanian Jews to travel on the Trans-Siberian Railway through the Soviet Union, then into Japan before finding safety in the Dutch colony of Curacao in the Caribbean.

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

How To Tell Your Cat About Trump

Are you upset about Trump? Do you have a cat? Then this book is for YOU.

How to tell if your cat is a secret Trump supporter, reassuring your cat that Donald Trump is not going to grab it and more.

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Louis Coulon and His 11-Foot Beard

Born in 1826, Louis Coulon was already shaving by age 12 and his beard was growing so fast that by age 14, Coulon already had a 50 centimeter (19.6 inches) beard. He could not keep up with shaving so just let it grow. By 1904 it was 3.3 metres (11 feet) long and served as a nest for his cats.

Lots of pics here 


Music For Sunday Morning

Sunday Links

The lovely Linocut above byVanessa Lubach looks just like our Carmen.

How to Have a Beach-Ready Body That Is Eight Feet Tall and Weighs 190 Pounds of Blind, Nightmarish Fury

What Technology Is Most Likely to Become Obsolete During Your Lifetime?

7 ancient ruins around the world, reconstructed 

Ice Cream, Anyone? 

A life-changing encounter between Hawaiian surfers and paralyzed Japanese man Via Miss C

3-D spacesuits: How To Dress For Space 

Why I don't go to the beach

Seeing the Mountains of France Through a Citroen’s Clouded, Classic Windshield 

Artist Makes Cheese Out of Mould That Landlords Won't Remove Avril Corroon takes samples from the most cursed fungal growths she could find in rented accommodation around London and made artisanal cheeses that look good enough to eat. Except, they’re not.

Wow!  Scheendijk Islands, Netherlands

Cheap frozen dinners styled and photographed as dishes from five star restaurants 

The Man with the Golden Airline Ticket: a good-for-life, go-anywhere American Airlines pass. Via

Detroit Rock City: A History Of Motor City Music  Via Blort

Bimbo stars in Up to Mars

London water fountains were chosen by focus groups. They're really ugly.

Useful, harmless, and demented  Via

The Toyota Century is Japan’s interpretation of the ultimate luxury automobile and unlike any other car, luxury or otherwise.

When CPR is a "huge mistake": This is what end of life looks like in the U.S.

Things You’ll Never Hear a Three-Year-Old Say 

 In 1980 the Sunday Times Magazine asked Raymond Depardon to go to Glasgow. To a photographer of the south and the desert, Glasgow seemed to be at the antipodes of his photography. And yet he discovered the northern light, and remembered it later when he photographed the north of France.

The Queen Of Magic: She Caught Bullets with Her Bare Hands — and Made Magic's Glass Ceiling Disappear

Why Hong Kong Wants to Build More Artificial Land 

Penny Tiles: I have enough pennies, all I need is some inspiration.

At Home With Jimi Hendrix (1966): Photographs of Jimi Hendrix cooking, sleeping and smoking at his London home.

The Canadian Town Where Chinese Food Comes With a Side of Curling 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Fluorescent French Bulldogs

These two pups got into some green food colouring and gave their owner a bit of a shock.

Via Boing Boing

Dark Deco

Architect and architectural photographer Amey Kandalgaonkar's photographs of the art deco architecture of Shanghai were inspired by the gothic backgrounds of Batman: The Animated Series’.

More here

1957 Gay Wedding Mystery

A collection of photos from a same-sex commitment ceremony was first printed circa 1957 at a neighborhood drugstore in North Philadelphia. The owner of the drugstore deemed them to be inappropriate and refused to hand over the prints. 60 years later, the photos were found and safely stored.
Can you help return these photographs to the grooms? Contact this link if you think you recognize anyone in these photos.


Every Way to Cook a Potato

Do you like potatoes? They are my go-to comfort food. Bon Appetit editor at large Amiel Stanek attempts to cook a potato in almost every way possible and comes up with 63 methods.

Via Blort

Riding a Horse to Find Magnolia Blossoms

 Vlogger Liziqi finds many uses for magnolia blossoms in this stunningly beautiful video.

Friday, July 26, 2019

Lava Lamp Manicure!

Via Pee-wee's blog

Phenomenal Nature

Phenomenal Nature marks the first retrospective of Mrinalini Mukherjee in the United States. The exhibition explores the artist's longstanding engagement with fiber, along with her significant forays into ceramic and bronze.

The exhibition is at the Met Breuer (945 Madison Avenue, New York City) through September 29, 2019.


Transformer More Than Meets The Eye

Aquanaut is an autonomous submarine robot developed by Houston Mechatronics Inc. to service deep-sea oil and gas rigs. It can transform into a partial humanoid.

More: Geekologie

The Leaping Lawyer of Toronto

Don't try this at home, kids! Lawyer Garry Hoy worked on the 24th floor of the Toronto-Dominion Bank Tower. His favorite trick, during office parties, was to demonstrate how the building's glass windows were unbreakable. He did this by hurling himself at them.

The Ottawa Citizen - July 12, 1993

More here

Matchboxes Feature Dogs With Human Personalities

Ravi Zupa's handpainted matchboxes feature dog portraits that poke fun at the complicated personalities of us humans.

More: Bored Panda

Via Miss C

Beautiful Mont Saint Michel Drone Footage

The island has held strategic fortifications since ancient times and since the 8th century AD has been the seat of the monastery from which it draws its name. 

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Video Shot with a World War 1 Lens

This lens spent 100 years in the dark, the last thing it captured must have been the horrors of the World War I. Mathieu Stern of the Weird Lense Museum thought it was time to use it for something more light and positive.


Olympic medals made from recycled smartphones

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic medals by Junichi Kawanishi are made from old electronic devices donated by the public. 6.21 million used mobile phones handed in at collection centres. Altogether these yielded 32 kilograms (kg) of gold, 3,500 kg of silver and 2,200 kg of bronze.

More here

Anything to declare? Just moon rocks and dust.

This document was signed 50 years ago by Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins after they returned from the first manned trip to the moon. The three astronauts came down in the Pacific Ocean and were taken to Honolulu on July 24, 1969, where they filled out this immigration form, declaring a cargo of moon rocks and dust.

More: Open Culture

Hotel Clings to a Famous Tourist Spot in Norway

The Cliff Concept Hotel is designed for Norway's famous Preikestolen which rises 604 metres above the Lysefjorden below. The proposal from Turkish designer and architect Hayri Atak features a cantilevered platform that juts out from the rock, complete with a glass-bottomed infinity pool. If you suffer from acrophobia this might not be the hotel for you.

More:  Urbanist

Knowing the difference between tempered and laminated glass could save your life in a vehicle collision.

New research from AAA reveals that most vehicle escape tools, intended to quickly aid passengers trapped in a car following an accident, will break tempered side windows, but none were able to penetrate laminated glass. Tempered glass is designed to shatter into small pieces. Laminated glass is harder to break and designed to prevent ejections during a crash. One in three vehicles made in 2018 has laminated glass.

Find out which windows your ride has.

Read more: AAA NewsRoom

Thanks Bruce!

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Alfred E. Neuman Sings!

Alfred E. Neuman And His Furshlugginer Five sing "What—Me Worry?" in 1959.

Via Boing Boing

Tweet Of The Day

Anti-vegan activist previously ate raw pig's head at vegan festival in Brighton. 

Lektoslogospoiesilalia Girl

Polly doesn't just think she is special. She IS special. She can only speak in spoken word poetry.

Via bookofjoe

Flooded London

Squint/Opera's 2008 Flooded London series pictures the city in 2090, long after climate change caused sea levels to rise. People go about their daily lives, having adapted to the world's new normal.

More here

How To Dispose Of A Body (en espaΓ±ol)

Learn Spanish the fun way with Alma and Miguel! Here they teach you how to discuss what might be a tricky situation. Hopefully you'll never have to use it.

Also in the series:
How To Disconnect Your Grandma From Life Support
How To Tell Your Friend You've Slept With His Dad

Monday, July 22, 2019

Tweet Of The Day


French artist Alexandre Dubosc spent three months on his latest caketrope animation and it was definitely worth the effort that went into it.

Previously here and here.

Via Boing Boing

Zombie Tidal Wave

Actor/producer Ian Ziering (Steve from 90210) and his director from all those Sharknado movies are premiering Zombie Tidal Wave on the SYFY channel August 17th. Here's the trailer for those who like this sort of thing:

Via:  Geekologie

Flying Scooter Display Team

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the founding of Japan's Air Self Defence Force (ASDF), 24 ground staff rode on novelty scooters modelled after fighter aircraft.

Via Just A Car Guy

Folding Kayak

The Haven is a folding tandem kayak that uses origami technology and takes just 15 minutes to assemble. I'm not a kayaker (yet) but I was pretty impressed.

Via bookofjoe

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Bras For Turtles

Image: Carolina Waterfowl Rescue
The Carolina Waterfowl Rescue wants your old lingerie. The team repairs broken turtle shells with glue, a little tape and bra clasps. When it’s time to release the reptiles back into the wild, they wear the glue down, the clasps pop off, and they’re good as new.

Donations can be sent to the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue at P.O. Box 1484 in Indian Trail NC 28079.

More here 


Fish Hammer

It's hammer time! Smashie the goldfish swims around in its tank while a webcam tracks it’s position, moving a hammer that crushes tiny furniture.

Fish Hammer from Neil Mendoza on Vimeo.

Find out why Neil Mendoza created this projects and see instructions here.

Via Laughing Squid 

Tweet Of The Day

Music For Sunday Morning

These women!


Sunday Links

Colourized image by Olga Shirnina

Translator and amateur colorist Olga Shirnina has an incredible talent for transforming historical black and white photographs into images like these: Dazzling Color Photos of the Legendary Romanov Costume Ball of 1903 Via

Take a virtual hike along Rainbow Mountain in Peru Via MetaFilter

You may be pleased to know that The Minnesota State Fair will NOT offer "doughnuts with syringes" Thanks Bruce!

14 Words That Are Their Own Opposites

Daddy, what are those cognitive scientists doing?  I believe they're mating, son. Via

Notre-Dame came far closer to collapsing than people knew. This is how it was saved. 

Those Eyes!

Pop-Up Trombone Have fun! Thanks Bruce!

According to the autocomplete map Fort Wayne is Seventh on Hitler's List'  and 'San Diego is Spanish for Whales'

An Ode to ‘On the Beach,’ Neil Young’s Most Beautiful (and Most Depressing) Album I am having a tempus fugit moment. Can it really be 45 years since it was released? I love it still.

The Copycat Towns That Replicate Western European Architecture

The Secret World of Air Traffic Controllers  Darcy Frey spent the month of November 1995 side-by-side with  controllers as the days counted down to the busiest American air-traffic day of the year: the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Thanks Bruce!

Did you know this: There Is A Time Traveler Running For President 

I’m 20. I Have 32 Half Siblings. This Is My Family Portrait. Via Blort

I Dreamt I Saw Khrushchev (in a Pink Cadillac)

This home in Soda Springs, Ca is right up my alley.

Michigan Central and the rebirth of Detroit A gorgeous photo essay Via Things

Follies of the Madmen  "Is it just me, or is the notion of an army of clones on the make for a lone gal a creepy thing?"

Where the American artists are

Exercise in space keeps astronauts from fainting when they return to Earth

Why Jack Frech Started Taking Journalists on “Poverty Tours” of Appalachia—And Why He Stopped This is a good story.

15,000 Years of Western Art On A Mug

Tiny Hedgehog Goes Camping You will OD on the cuteness.

Would you pay $31K for John Lennon's decayed tooth? 

The world's oldest surviving letter by an actual Christian contains a request for fish sauce. 

Titanic survivor Ella White’s battery-powered crutch guided her lifeboat to safety in 1912—and is now at the center of a family feud.

1940s Bike Girls: Fascinating Photos of Female Motorcyclists From 1949, Taken by Loomis Dean for LIFE Magazine  Via

Saturday, July 20, 2019

Tweet Of The Day

Motus Modules

Motus Modules is a company of professional dancer-choreographers and technicians who draw on a variety of artistic genres to create productions that defy the laws of gravity.

Spectacle Motus-Modules from StrasTV Production on Vimeo.

AI turns your selfie into a portrait painted by a master

AI Portraits creates original portraits based on photos of faces. The generative network was trained with 45,000 portrait images. I tried it out on a selfie and can't see the resemblance. Can you?

More: Boing Boing

How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born?

As the world warms because of human-induced climate change, most of us can expect to see more days when temperatures hit 32 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) or higher.  The New York Times has published an interesting interactive site that shows how the temperature of your hometown has changed (the dataset goes back to 1960) and how much hotter it may get by the end of this century. The graph above shows the projected change in my hometown, Montreal, between 1960 and 2089.

My Garden

It's been awhile since I posted any garden pics. The rain has made everything a little jungle-y and the weeds are growing faster than the flowers but so far there has been consistent colour so I'm not complaining.