Wednesday, February 13, 2019

ScamBaiters Scam A Scammer

YouTube channel ScamBait Central messes around with scammers, tying them up for long periods, thus limiting their opportunities to find other victims and they manage to have a little fun while they're at it. This video shows a Gold Scammer crossing Abbey Road in London. He lives in London and was sent on an errand by his Ghanaian boss. He doesn't know that the people he is meeting are a couple of Scam Baiters.
"The scam works like this: He brings a 5g sample of gold. Together, we take it to a jeweller, who assays it while we wait. As long as the purity and carat check out, I give the Scammer 50% of the cost of 5kg of gold upfront ($75 000 USD approx) in cash. Within a few days, the Boss in Ghana sends me the 5kg by courier. I then pay the remaining 50% by bank transfer. Of course, there is no gold and my 50% upfront cash payment is gone."

This video was sent to me by a Facebook friend and I found it fascinating.

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