Sunday, December 02, 2018

Sunday Links

Photo: muratart’ via Shutterstock

Winged Victory of Samothrace: Exploring the History of the Nike Statue

A Christmas ad from Air New Zealand has gone viral for its mocking of U.S. President Donald Trump. Link

As deadly flames approached, a mother called her daughters to say goodbye 

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like an Artist

Roddy McDowall Home Movies A collection of Roddy McDowall's home movies from the summer of 1965 featuring top stars of the time at the peak of their careers. Too bad there's no sound. I'd love to hear what they were saying.

The death of the Montreal bagel? 

Samantha Fish: My Life In Five Riffs Via Blort

The Time Johnny Cash’s Estate Went to War Over Hemorrhoid Cream   Via

David Byrne Presents: Eclectic for the Holidays Via

I'm a Great Cook. Now That I'm Divorced, I'm Never Making Dinner for a Man Again  Via Mefi

Norway to build an entirely sustainable airport city by 2022

Send Street View Christmas Cards

The Graphic Art of Incredibles 2  Thanks Bruce!

An Unconventional Wooden Home Structured Around Three Internal Courtyards In Akashi, Japan  I love the secret interior behind the unassuming exterior.

These Are the Best Beaches in the World for 2018, According to Travel Experts Varadero is the only beach I've visited that made it to the top ten and reading about it makes me want to be there right now.

Did a Rave Review Really Shut Down Portland Burger Bar Stanich’s? Maybe It Was the Owner’s Legal Troubles

The Showgirl Who Discovered Lolita 

The nine ghost villages of northern France

Christmas Child  Holiday themed music by Carbon Leaf.

Vegan In The Hood

perfect for roquefort cheese: Selburose is an ancient symbol and predates its 1857 appearance on a pair of mittens.

For British Socialists, Fairy Tales Were the Best Way to Get the Message Out

From Pompeii to Gaza: The History of Street Art as a Voice for the People


  1. wondering if the contraflow masonry heater/bakeoven (AKA Finnish Fireplace) could be used in Montreal for bagel bake ovens... Tulikivi, is one of the more prominent mfgs. of standard model designed & manufactured masonry heaters with bake ovens. these wood burning contraflow design heaters/ovens are efficient enough to be installed in densely populated urban areas in europe and the nordic countries- political entities with strict emissions requirements. assuming their fine particulates meet the Montreal std., the question may be if the ovens can be made large enough to meet the business bagel makers needs. Breads I have eaten made in these sorts of ovens are marvelous.

  2. I hope they find a viable alternative. I always buy a bag of bagels home when I visit family in Montreal.

  3. Thank you very much for the David Byrne link. who knew?

  4. Geoff, I'm sure I'm not the only one who knew. I suspect there were others.

  5. Lars, it looks like the Montreal bagel will survive