Sunday Links

How the Common Weed Has Grown on Florists (and Chefs) From the flower arrangement to the plate, this is the era of the formerly unwanted plant.(image above)

Paris' first digital museum of fine art finds home in 19th-century foundry

The Case of the Poisoned Calves

Mary Poppins, Ernest Hemingway, The Nutty Professor and Mr Hyde walk into a bar....Science says there are four types of drunks 

Jesus in Four Colors: Spire Christian Comics from the 1970s 

I Has a Sweet Potato A very funny story via Miss C.

18 Iconic Album Covers With Deceased Band Members Removed 

When Snails Attack: The Epic Discovery Of An Ecological Phenomenon

Amsterdam Puts Tourists to Work Cleaning its Canals I'll be in Amsterdam soon and I guarantee I won't be doing this.

Hurricane Katrina - Clayton Cubitt: Images and excerpts from Operation Eden, a real-time exercise in first-person citizen journalism and fund-raising activism during Hurricane Katrina.

The Misuse of an Ancient Roman Acronym by White Nationalist Groups

Mirror World / Istanbul Beautiful photographs Via

Biodegradable food containers inspired by egg shells and orange peels

The Best Wine Glasses Recommended by Sommeliers for Every Scenario 

Extreme Vespas of Indonesia 

Baby Lottery - Infants used to be Raffled in Paris Thanks Bruce!

Send your kitty to Cat Camp 

What the California Wildfire Firefighters Eat 

The Untouched Beauty of Kyrgyzstan  Via