Sunday, June 24, 2018

Sunday Links

Image: Adam Schnack via The Spaces

Sweet seaweed hobbit cottage in Denmark lists for $414K 

Jurassic World 2, fact-checked:  Can you really give a blood transfusion from a T. rex to a velociraptor?

Nina Simone's Childhood Home Saved and Made National Treasure 

Hip-Hop Radio Archive - Preserving Hip-Hop Radio from the 1980s and 90s

Guy captures the moment a river cuts a new channel to the ocean

Rain in anime. 

28 BRIDGE HOUSES: Iconic bridge houses transformed into independent hotel suites on Amsterdam’s canals. I wish I'd seen this site before I booked my hotel in Amsterdam. Via

Three Stripes: Everything you need to know about Adidas’ iconic Three Stripes Logo.

Oxford English Dictionary extends hunt for regional words around the world From ‘hammajang’ to ‘munted’, lexicographers have issued a worldwide call for regionally distinctive words to define. Via

Fodor’s No List 2018  Don't go there!

The Rajah from Tipperary (aka the tale of how an Irish farmer ended up ruling his own kingdom in India...)

LEGO Hasselblad 503CX 

Last year, 17.5 million Americans underwent plastic surgery. Photographer Timothy Schaumburg takes us behind the scenes of plastic surgery prep

A Japanese Photographer’s View of Life in His Family’s One-Room Home: The Yamamoto family values were forged in small spaces.

Welcome back, Ektachrome! Inside the facility where Kodak brings film back to life 

Gladiator Diets Were Carb-Heavy, Fattening, and Mostly Vegetarian 

Best YouTube Videos of All Time, Ranked Via

Japanese Fans Clean Stadium After Historic World Cup Win vs Colombia

Some Animals Take Turns While Talking, Just Like Humans. Why?

Want to Change Society’s Views? Here’s How Many People You’ll Need on Your Side

A Close Reading of the "Censored" Passages of The Picture of Dorian Gray

Is this Thailand’s best pad Thai?: The family’s original pad Thai must be cooked on a searing hot charcoal stove, fired with wood from mangrove trees sourced from a distant province that can’t be harvested until they’re at least 12 years old. The size of the wood chunks is equally important (they must be of arm’s length).

Maps Mania: 4,000 Irish Shipwrecks

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