Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Links

The remaining gate of the destroyed Chateau de Soupir, near the famed
"Chemin des Dames" (Ladies' Path) along which World War I battles were fought,.
Francois Nascimbeni / AFP / Getty

The Fading Battlefields of World War I: across France and Belgium, significant battlefields and ruins were preserved as monuments, and farm fields that became battlegrounds ended up as vast cemeteries.

Book Cover Concentration Select two covers that belong to the same book.

The feral peacocks of Surrey BC

Cards Against Humanity Father's Day Sale: They've created awesome fake dad movies from the 90s with the 90s action movie name generator!

Ferris Bueller’s Laid Off 

France is building a revolutionary new 'Alzheimer village' that takes cues from a medieval citadel.

Life Under (Water) Pressure: Saturation divers work hundreds of feet below the ocean’s surface doing construction and demolition work. What's that like?

The Walking Footballers Of West Ham 

“Who’s lookin’ for a fight?” On the road with the last boxing tent in Australia.

Murder with Impunity: Where killings go unsolved 

Terrifying Images Emerge From Within Once-Peaceful-Now-A-Security-Threat Nation Of Canada

‘Lost’ tea room by Charles Rennie Mackintosh to be rebuilt at the V&A Dundee

GateGuru is a smartphone app that will show you all the eateries, shops, and services located in your terminal, along with the location.

How One Man’s Pink Plastic Flamingo Landed on Lawns across the World 

A hidden diary written by a carpenter on the floorboards of a French Alpine chateau provides a rare insight into the private lives of villagers in the late 19th Century.

The Original Lifehackers  Liz Jackson, founder of The Disabled List, talks about the misconceptions around disability and shares practical tips on how to design with disability, not for it.

Like cooking? Like history? Then this series is for you Let's Cook History -- in five parts

Don't toss those veggie peels and stale bread. British chefs share their home hacks for zero waste kitchens that are eco-friendly and will keep your food costs down. Read more

How Yearbook Signatures Have Evolved Since the 1600s

Everything you wanted to know about the Eiffel Tower Thanks Bruce!

Murder on the cheap: The Case of the $1.50 Hit Man 

We Are NY Indie Booksellers: Every indie bookstore has a personality and every individual can find one whose character suits him.

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