Sunday, June 03, 2018

Sunday Links

I want to build myself a house just like this Frank Lloyd Wright designed home in Minneapolis (above)

List of fictional bars and pubs The Kebab & Calculator, The Pie Hole, The Slaughtered Lamb, The Vulgar Unicorn and more...

Valley of the Ragdolls: Ann Baker was hard at work trying to breed the perfect house cat for the modern American family. It was not going well—until the accident.

The Beatles' Revelatory White Album Demos: A Complete Guide

The Lost Lingo of New York City’s Soda Jerks

New Orleans’ secret hangover cure: Affectionately dubbed ‘Old Sober’, the little-known New Orleans dish called yakamein is said to right even the worst symptoms of fun.

Photos of Total Strangers Pretending to Be in Serious Relationships 

The small Canadian mining town fighting its killer reputation

Rainbow Roads by Daniel Mercadante

Think you're having a bad day? 5 People Who Straight Up Survived The Unsurvivable Via

I am sharing these ranked lists with you. You are now officially ready for summer. You're welcome.

The Adventures of Business Cat 

Colour Wheels, Charts, and Tables Through History: Images sourced from Sarah Lowengard’s  The Creation of Color in Eighteenth-Century Europe.

6 Things You’re Recycling Wrong Are you an aspirational recycler?

Stay Alive: 12 Quotes Offering Advice to Grads

Capturing Reality: In this feature-length film on the art of the documentary, director Pepita Ferrari interviews 33 leading documentarians and shows clips from over 50 films.

The Intricate Urban Paintings of Daniel Rich 

A photographer’s epic walk from Wales to Poland 

Boat Rooms on the Fuchun River

Fantastic French Publicity Caravans of Yesteryear Via

Inside the world of instruction manuals

Searching for Genesis StoryTime, a Lost Canadian Cable Channel  Thanks Bruce!

How Many of the World's 20 Most Popular Museums Have You Visited? I've visited 14 out of 20.

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