Sunday, June 03, 2018

On This Day: The Shooting Of Andy Warhol

Detective Frederick Stepat and policewoman McCarthy escort Valeria Solanas, 28,
into 13th precinct, for the shooting of Andy Warhol, on June 3, 1968, in NYC
Frank Russo—NY Daily News Archive / Getty Images

Fifty years ago today artist Andy Warhol was shot at his Factory Studio by Valerie Jean Solanas who had appeared in one of his films. Solanis was an anarchist and radical feminist, best known for writing the SCUM Manifesto (Society For Cutting Up Men). Art critic Mario Amaya was also shot.
Warhol was alive, and was rushed to surgery, where a four-man team of doctors fought for five and a half hours to save him. He spent two months recuperating in hospital and never fully recovered, physically or mentally, from the shooting.
Solanis pleaded guilty to assault with intent to harm and was sentenced to three years in prison. She was later diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

I Shot Andy Warhol is a 1996 American-British independent film about the life of Valerie Solanas and her relationship with Andy Warhol:

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