Saturday, June 30, 2018

European Countries Ranked by Civility

As racists whine about not being served in restaurants Americans have begun to ask themselves if civil discourse has gone down the toilet. McSweeney’s Internet Tendency takes a look at European civility from 1939-1945. The hands down winner in the civility sweepstakes was Germany:
1. Germany
While you do hear stories about the odd German celebrity who made a stink (looking at you, Marlene Dietrich), at the heart of it, Hitler wouldn’t have been able to achieve anything without his very civil base. They kicked things off with a very civil Kristallnacht and remained civil throughout the passage of a series of restrictive laws against Jews. They were really great about not making too many waves when Jews were stripped of their businesses and property and were very cool about the whole deportation thing. High-ranking administration officials were able to eat in any restaurant they wanted throughout the entire war! Great job, Germany!
Read about the European runners up here.

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