Sunday, May 06, 2018

Sunday Links

The Skaters of La Paz  A sport takes hold in the highest capital on earth.

At Anna Maria Garthwaite’s House Anna Maria Garthwaite, the most celebrated textile designer of the eighteenth century, bought this house in Spitalfields when she was forty years old in 1728, just five years after it was built.

A Crocodile's Brain On Classical Music

I won't be driving on these dangerous roads  Via

Accidentally Wes Anderson

70 Years, 70 Stories - Smithsonian Folkways: A collection of stories told through hidden treasures from the Folkways collection unfolding throughout the 70th anniversary of the label. Via

14 Books Not to Read if You're Hungry

Rediscovered Photo Portraits by Andy Warhol

How Much Do You Know About Canada?  Take the QUIZ  Thanks Bruce!

Manitoba's Beloved Rogue Bison Has Been Immortalized in Song featuring Renaissance-style singing, Metis fiddle, and electronically distorted bison noises.

The world’s oldest restaurant?

A good read: Birds of a Feather The relationship between humans and parrots can be surprisingly profound.

Elton John Oven Manual Song  Via

The New Noma: Frequently Asked Questions  What it’s like to eat at the second incarnation
of the Copenhagen restaurant (it is my wish to check out Nordic cuisine at Noma someday)

Canadian composer Samuel Andreyev  breaks down the one hundred seconds of “Frownland” by Captain Beefheart and its complicated structure. Link Via  MetaFilter

Immersive Exhibition on the Work of Gustav Klimt marks the centenary of his death.

Watch Donald Glover’s disastrous attempt to join the Barbie marketing team.

Retirement Home for Elderly Musicians Created by Giuseppe Verdi in 1899

The Niagara Falls Underground Railroad Heritage Center will tell the stories of those who sought freedom — and those who helped them get there. Read more 

Wisteria hysteria in London

America's Greatest Horticulturist Left Behind a Plum Mystery  Frida Kahlo painted him. Thomas Edison admired him. Now Rachel Spaeth is trying to decode him. Via

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